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Laser cataract surgery

The femtosecond laser, used commonly during LASIK surgery, is now being used during cataract surgery to achieve even higher levels of safety, accuracy and predictability. At OCLI, we pride ourselves on offering only the best technology to our patients, which is why we use the CATALYS® Precision Laser System during laser cataract surgery on Long Island.

Laser vs. traditional cataract surgery

Both traditional and laser cataract surgery are deemed extremely safe and effective. Both are performed very regularly, although laser cataract surgery is quickly becoming the preferred procedure among both doctors and patients.

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The main difference between laser cataract surgery and traditional cataract surgery is the most obvious one. During laser cataract surgery, a femtosecond laser is used to make incisions in the cornea, whereas traditional cataract surgery utilizes a blade. Laser cataract surgery allows for a more precise incision, further reducing the possibility of human error.

The Laser

The CATALYS® Precision Laser System offers a customized surgery that is more predictable, allowing for doctors to deliver consistently great results. With the CATALYS® system, our doctors are able to plan, engage, customize and treat cataracts. This makes for a safe and extremely controlled procedure. Giving cataract surgeons the ability to create customized treatment plans that match the individuality of each patient has proven to be an extreme success.

The Procedure

One of our doctors here at OCLI will create a surgical plan with a 3-D image of your eye. This information tells your doctor the location, depth and length of the cataract in all planes. Using this information, your surgeon will use the CATALYS® laser to make precise incisions in the cornea. The laser also helps to break up cataracts, allowing for easier removal. Generally, patients who undergo laser cataract surgery experience a more rapid visual recovery with reduced inflammation.

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