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Board-certified Cataract Surgeon, Comprehensive Ophthalmologist providing treatment for patients with a wide variety of eye disorders, including dry eye syndrome and glaucoma. She utilizes the latest techniques and technology to perform cataract surgery, including the use of toric, multifocal, and extended depth of focus intraocular lenses. Dr. Subramaniam excels at building relationships with physicians and community centers in the area to support community efforts to provide high-quality treatment.

Dr. Subramaniam received her medical degree from Northwestern University at the Feinberg School of Medicine and an undergraduate degree from Northwestern University. During residency, Dr. Subramaniam received the Jack C. Copeland Memorial Award for Outstanding Presentation at Resident Research Day. In addition, she served as Chief Resident during her last year in residency. She is adept at giving presentations on a variety of topics and has published works in different ophthalmology journals.

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