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Glaucoma treatment overview

Glaucoma can be an insidious eye disease to deal with, and unfortunately, there is no cure. At OCLI, our glaucoma specialists offer Long Island patients several treatment options that can help to manage the disease. Medication eye drops are some of the more common treatments and will typically be the first line of treatment action. If intraocular pressure cannot be managed with medications alone, laser or surgery may be recommended.

Our OCLI glaucoma specialists

The Long Island glaucoma specialists at OCLI take pride in being one of the finest glaucoma treatment clinics in the nation. Our wide range of treatment options go well beyond many eye care practices. Our glaucoma treatment modalities are divided into three main categories:

  1. Glaucoma eye drop medications
  2. Glaucoma laser procedures
  3. Glaucoma surgery

Please feel free to consult with one of our glaucoma specialists about our treatment options. If you have been diagnosed with the glaucoma eye disorder, one of our OCLI glaucoma eye doctors will perform a series of tests and will determine the right treatment for you based on your visual needs.

Please let your OCLI glaucoma doctor know about any medications you are taking (particularly those related to elevating or lowering blood pressure), family history of eye problems, and any existing health conditions you may have. After the thorough eye health examination and your risk for glaucoma or progression has been determined, our eye doctors will discuss a treatment plan with you.

Lower the eye pressure: Slow the progression

Eye medications for glaucoma are typically the first line of treatment, and are aimed at lowering overall intraocular pressure. It is very important to remember to use your eye drops as prescribed by our OCLI glaucoma eye doctors. Adhering with the eye drop regimen is an important reason why people do not lose vision. Please visit our glaucoma web page to learn more about glaucoma medications.

Laser glaucoma procedures

Laser procedures will typically begin when the eye drop medication treatment modality is not working, or if a patient has trouble maintaining a regular drop regimen. Please visit our glaucoma web page pertaining to laser glaucoma procedures.

Glaucoma surgery

If eye drop medications and laser treatments fail to be effective, or if the glaucoma is too far advanced, glaucoma surgery may become necessary. Glaucoma surgery can involve a few different methods that we have highlighted on our glaucoma surgery page.

Glaucoma natural treatment

Although natural treatments will not cure glaucoma there are some things that can be done to reduce stress on your eyes.

  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat healthy
  • Reduce stress

Eating a healthy diet is good for you no matter what. Nutrients, minerals and fatty acids all help protect the almighty “optic nerve”, which is essential for vision. Reduce or eliminate sugars, sodium and carbohydrates, as these things will help you on many levels. We all know this is easier said than done of course! Healthy diets that are high in leafy green vegetables are recommended because of the vitamins they contain.

If you have glaucoma symptoms, open angle glaucoma, narrow angle glaucoma or a family history of glaucoma you need to make sure you have been properly diagnosed. We routinely perform second opinions at OCLI ensure patients have the proper diagnosis.

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