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Blade-free LASIK / All-laser LASIK

LASIK eye surgery is now safer and more effective than ever. Here on Long Island, OCLI provides the most advanced type of LASIK – referred to as iLASIK.

The iLASIK procedure is different from other types of LASIK, as it utilizes wavefront-guided technology to achieve the best results possible. iLASIK is completely bladeless, using a femtosecond laser in place of the traditional blade to create the LASIK flap. iLASIK offers a completely customizable, bladeless and precise LASIK experience.

The advanced technology of the iLASIK platform

  • VISX Star 4 Excimer Laser with IRIS registration. The VISX star4 excimer laser is one of the top excimer lasers with superior technology
  • CustomVue wavefront technology. Developed from hubble telescope technology wavefront expands treatment zones and helps correct higher order aberrations
  • IDesign System. Creates a 3D Map of the eye with 5 times the resolution of prior technology for a precise, personalized LASIK Vision Treatment
  • Intralase Blade-FREE laser. Creates the LASIK flap with a laser instead of blade resulting in a safer LASIK


The benefits of bladeless iLASIK

Bladeless iLASIK is beneficial in many ways. While traditional LASIK is deemed safe and effective, iLASIK goes a step beyond as far as customization and precision goes. With iLASIK, our doctors are able to achieve the best outcomes possible, leaving you with clear, sharp vision.

Those who opt for iLASIK receive completely individualized results. Each set of eyes is different, so it only makes sense to customize each iLASIK procedure to each patient. At OCLI, we do this through the use of Wavefront technology. The Wavefront machine creates a 3-D map of your eye, so our doctors can see every detail of your corneal surface. Using this map, our doctors are able to determine exactly where your eye needs treatment. This allows for extremely accurate treatment.

The iLASIK procedure

The femtosecond laser makes a precise incision on the corneal surface, creating a corneal “flap”. The flap is then folded back to expose the inner layer of the cornea for treatment. The excimer laser, which uses the information from the Wavefront machine, then makes adjustments to the corneal shape as needed. Once finished, the corneal flap is repositioned and acts as a self-healing bandage.

Healing after iLASIK is typically easy, although there are some guidelines that your OCLI doctor will discuss with you. You will be given medicated eye drops to use for the first few days, and then you can switch to over-the-counter eye drops. Most patients experience dry eye symptoms after iLASIK surgery, which should subside within the first week. A majority of patients go back to work the very next day, and there is little to no downtime associated with iLASIK.

If you are interested in the iLASIK procedure, be sure to call OCLI at 1-866-SEE-OCLI!

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