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First Trunk Show Celebrating Valentine’s Day Underway at OCLI @ Novartis

February 5, 2013

What better days are there to look at your crush, loved one, or that single special person than on Valentine’s Day?  It’s simply the day of love, and there is nothing more touching than being able to look deep into their eyes while you eat chocolate together.  If you can think of something that’s more emotional, please do tell us in the comments.  But while we wait for your response, we here at OCLI are pleased to announce that our first ever Valentine’s Day Trunk Show is currently underway at our OCLI office on the Novartis Campus in East Hanover, New Jersey.

But let’s take a step back.  Why are sunglasses so important?  They help to prevent the glare of the sun’s light off reflections; they also prevent the sun’s UV rays from harming your eyes, but what else do they do?  Well, why don’t we go through a quick list:

  • Sunglasses reduce headache and eye strain
  • Sunglasses protect your eyes from constant dust and debris in the air
  • Sunglasses protect your eyes from blue light protection (the blue and violet part of the solar spectrum that can extremely harm your eyes)
  • Sunglasses help to adjust your eyes to darkness, which can prevent accidents when driving long hours
  • Sunglasses can help to prevent skin cancer

Sunglasses really protect you from a ton of harm that could be done to your eyes, so be sure to come and check out our first trunk show!  You never know, buying a pair of sunglasses for normal use could honestly save your life, or put multiple extra years on to your life clock.  To be honest, that’s what we all want, especially here at OCLI.

We have plenty of eyewear in stock for you to augment your own wardrobe.  Running today and tomorrow, this trunk show is open to all 8,000 Novartis employees.  It’s the perfect time for you to check out those glasses you have been dying to have, or the shades that call your name each time you see them on the shelf.  And what’s best?  Well, today’s show will feature elegant sunglasses by Cottet Morel.  Straight from France, you can put these on and immediately feel as stylish as you should always feel.  Some might have a more masculine design while others might preach beauty, but we assure you that each one is just as stylish for the last, for the right person that is.  If that wasn’t enough than you’ll be excited to know for tomorrow’s show, we will be featuring sunglasses by Ray Ban.  The epitome of design, ray ban sunglasses are loved by man and stranger to no one.  Come by and get this eye wear for you or a family tomorrow! 

We would like to thank these two vendors for taking part in this year’s show and we are extremely excited to share the event with you.  However, we would also like to again extend our apologies to all Novartis employees who had expected to see Prada at this year’s show.  Unfortunately, as we previously tweeted, Prada did a poor job and backed out at the last minute, after giving us a firm commitment!  Alas, Prada will not be joining us for this year’s show, and we extend our sincerest apologies to those who were excited to browse their selection.


It’s also important to know what to look for in your sunglasses.  While we have plenty of topics on choosing the right sunglasses for yourself, you should also usually follow these simple instructions.

  • Usually, bigger sunglasses are better sunglasses
  • Price is no indication of quality
  • Wearing sunglasses all year round is healthy for your eyes, even when there are many clouds in the sky.  Look for sunglasses that you will be fine wearing each day

Also be sure to check out our website for info and tips on how to protect your eyes from the sun for the upcoming spring and summer.  Are you a biker looking for biking sunglasses?  Perhaps you are looking for a pre-created checklist on purchasing new pairs of summer sunglasses?   Or maybe you simply want to know how to protect your eyes from the sun’s onslaught of summer rays?  We even have info on why you should wear your sunglasses all year long rather than just during spring and summer!  Yup that’s right, we have details on all of this!  So, what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and read on to your heart’s content!  And if you just want to have a quick guide on choosing the right ones for you, you can check that guide out on our website too!


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