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Welcome to 2013: Vision Resolutions for the New Year

January 10, 2013

Consider making these beneficial resolutions for 2013.

One of the greatest aspects of the new year is the fact that everyone gets to start over with a fresh start and a clean slate. Some people use this opportunity to say goodbye to their bad habits and past mistakes and vow to change their ways in the upcoming year. Others simply take the chance at a fresh start and clean their homes and their lives of unwanted clutter and expired accessories.

No matter what your resolutions may be for the upcoming year, January is also the perfect opportunity to set a few vision goals that will keep your eyes healthy and strong all year long. Because our eyes are such an important aspect of our daily lives and vision, their regular upkeep and maintenance is essential for avoiding any possible vision complications or diseases.

Here are just a few vision resolutions that you should be sure to work into your schedule for the start of 2013:

Throw Out Old Makeup

Many people do not realize that not only does all makeup have an expiration date, but old makeup, brushes and applicators can be a breeding group for bacteria that can seriously infect your eyes. Throwing away your old eye shadow, eye liner and mascara can help to prevent the onset of serious eye conditions such as pink eye, dry eyes or the spread of dangerous bacteria. Be sure to read our previous OCLI that goes into detail about the specific expiration dates for different types of makeup.

Schedule Regular Vision Checkups For The Family

Even for people who have perfect 20/20 vision, regular vision checkups are important for monitoring your prescription and ensuring that no new vision problems or diseases appear from out of nowhere. For children and seniors especially, vision checkups are essential because your eyes are constantly changing and aging during these specific times of life.

Practice Healthy Contact Maintenance

While contact lenses can help to improve our vision on a day to day basis, it is important that proper contact maintenance is followed in order to help prevent any infections. For instance,  it is important that you keep your contact case clean and rinse it out with proper solution after ever contact insertion. You should also be sure to follow the replacement schedule that comes with your prescription, as overuse of contact lenses can lead to a number of different eye infections, including corneal ulcers.

Wipe Off Makeup Every Night Before Bed

Many women across the country have the bad habit of sleeping in their makeup night after night. However, very few realize how bad this is for both their eyes and for aging skin. When you sleep with makeup on, you not only spread it around your face or rub it around your eyes, but you also spread it onto your pillows and blankets that you are sleeping with.

Now that we are starting over with a fresh slate in 2013, be sure to add these important vision resolutions to your list in order to ensure that your eyes stay as healthy and happy as the rest of your body in the upcoming year.

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