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Poor Vision Habits: The Importance Washing Off Makeup Before Bed

November 15, 2012

Think about your vision health before sleeping in your makeup.

After a long day of work or school, there is often nothing that you want more to do than put on your most comfortable clothing or pajamas, jump into bed with a good movie or book, and relax for the rest of the night, avoiding any stress or work that may find its way in your path. For many women, this often means forgetting about the hassle of scrubbing, buffing and wiping their faces clean from the makeup they applied at the start of the day, and just not worrying about it until the next morning.

However, while sleeping in your makeup may seem like a harmless mistake or a simple case of laziness after a long, hard day, this common bad habit may actually be worse for you than you think. In fact, regularly sleeping in a face full of makeup has been proven to have negative effects on your skin, the production of acne and even the health and clarity of your vision.

So, the next time you are thinking about ditching your complicated makeup removing routine and heading straight for the sheets instead, think about these nasty side effects that come with regularly sleeping in your makeup.

Bad For Your Eyes

Makeup can cause a lot of problems for your eyes during your regular daytime hours as it is―causing irritation and dry eyes for contacts wearers or leaving deposits on the surface of your eye―so only image the effects that can come with leaving makeup resting on your eyes all night long. The side effects that come with sleeping in makeup can include itchy, bloodshot eyes, an allergic reaction or even a full-blown infection if you are not careful. Sleeping in eye makeup has also been connected to the development of pink eye in many women.

Can Spread Infections

When you are sleeping with makeup on, you are not only spreading it around your face or rubbing it around your eye area, but you are also spreading it onto your pillows and blankets that you are sleeping with, creating a breeding ground for eye infections.  Think about it―while you may wash your face free of any leftover makeup as soon as you wake up each morning, this doesn’t take care of the residue left by foundation, concealer or mascara that can be regularly picked up again as soon as head to sleep the next night.

Can Cause Brittle Lashes

If you were not already worried about the effects that leftover mascara can have on the health and clarity of your vision, it may be informative to know that sleeping in makeup could actually take away from the beauty of your eyes. For instance, leaving mascara on your lashes overnight will dry out your lashes and make them brittle. If done too many times, your lashes could end up thinning and falling out. Regularly sleeping in makeup can also age the skin around your eyes, as skin cells activate most in the night to recover from all that it’s exposed to during the day. Makeup fights against these cells and can lead to wrinkles and overall older-looking skin.

While it may seem easy to forget about washing off your makeup after a long day of work or school, just remember these three dangerous side effects before sleeping in your makeup in order to keep your eyes looking clear and your vision healthy.


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