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“Superman” Contacts Offer Humans A Chance At Eagle-Eye Vision

July 30, 2013

These high-tech contact lenses allow you to zoom your vision up to three times.

As kids (and sometimes even more so as adults) we often dream about what our lives would be like if we possessed superpowers. For instance, how much faster would your work commute be if you could simply fly there faster than a speeding bullet? How much more enjoyable would hide and seek be if you could hide up in the trees in your self-made spider web? What would your life be like if you had super human strength like The Hulk?

However, while coming across Captain America’s shield or Thor’s hammer may be a difficult task, it looks like at least one superhero strength may finally be in our grasp―Superman’s eagle-eye vision.


A knowledgeable team of international researchers have recently shared that they have created what will be the world’s first telescopic contact lens. Based on what they have created, when this contact lens is equipped, it will give you the power to zoom your vision at almost three times your regular strength, rivaling the bionic vision capabilities that would rival even Superman.

This eagle-like eyesight is created due to two very distinct regions within the telescopic contact lens. According to an article published by the creators (Eric Tremblay, Igor Stamenov, R. Dirk Beer, Ashkan Arianpour and Joseph Ford), the center of the lens allows light to pass straight through, providing normal vision. However, the outside edge works as a telescope capable of magnifying your sight by 2.8x.

This amount of magnification is around equal to looking through a 100mm lens on a DSLP camera. (A.K.A. Very precise and very closely zoomed.)

However, one of the most impressive pieces of this technology is the fact that these telescopic contact lenses are only 1.17mm thick, making it so they can be very comfortably worn by the average user. Until now, the best option we had for telescopic vision was through a telescopic lens that was implanted into the eye itself, requiring surgery and a still sub-par image quality.

While the result of these lenses could definitely be used for superhero purposes, in this current day and age, they will be mostly used as a way to help restore vision to people who have lost it due to age-related macular degeneration. This common vision problem damages the center of the retina, causing people to have trouble seeing clearly, making out fine details, reading print and typing on a page. Luckily, telescopic lenses, implants and spectacles all help to focus light on this region of the eye, giving people with AMD the change to see clearly and make up for these lost details.

What do you think about the use of these telescopic lenses to help give people eagle-eye, superhero vision? Do you think they will be primarily used as a device for people with AMD or it will be something the average healthy person will want to take advantage of? Be sure to share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments below!

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