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Fun Vision Activities To Put Your Eyes To The Test

July 11, 2013

Challenge your vision with these fun and challenging eye tests.

Our sense of vision is very tricky business. There are a lot of complicated elements behind-the-scenes that work to ensure that we can see the world clearly. This includes muscles that make sure that our eyes function properly, cells that determine whether or not we can see different colors and shades, and all of the other nerves that make sure our brain is receiving the different images that our eyes are taking in. If even just one of these functions begins to fail, we will notice a significant change in the health and capacity of our vision.

Eye Test

Given that our eyes and our vision can be quite tricky to understand and to asses, many people have created vision activities and exams that help to put your eyes to the test and determine if you are lacking in any aspect of the vision department. While these tests are not 100% accurate and are nowhere near as helpful as visiting a doctor for a complete eye examination, it can be fun to test your eyes and see the different way in which they work day-to-day.

To give you a better idea, here are a few fun vision activities that you can use to test your vision:

Color Vision Test

There are several tests out there which allow you to determine whether or not you have any problems with your color vision. Most of these test involve a series of multicolored cards that feature dot patterns. Within the patterns, there are typically different shaded dots which will form numbers, symbols or words. The colors used are those to test the different levels of colored vision in individuals. Based on how quickly you identify the symbol found in each color pattern, you should be able to see if you have color vision problems.

See if you can identify the two shapes in the image below:

color test

Image via Colorvisiontesting.com. Visit site for more color vision tests.

Some color vision problems that this test may be able to determine include:

  • Achromatopsia – Complete color blindness, being able to see only different shades of gray.
  • Deuteranopia — Difficulty telling the difference between red/purple and green/purple.
  • Protanopia — Difficulty telling the difference between blue/green and red/green.
  • Tritanopia — Difficulty telling the difference between yellow/green and blue/green.

Eye Exercises

There are many simple eye strengthening exercises available online that help to get your eyes working together as a team. Many people only use one of their eyes to focus on a given object, while the other eye does not participate. By relaxing the eyes during these exercises, you can begin to focus on the object or letter in a calm way that helps the eyes focus together.

For instance, see if you can find the number 6 in the eye exercise below. However, be sure that you do not squint, as this can cause unnecessary stress. Just relax your eyes!


If you have significant trouble completing either of the tests above, it may be time to have an annual eye examination to check for any color changes in your vision or overall vision problems. Contact OCLI today to schedule your appointment!

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