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October 16, 2014
October 16, 2014

Humans of September

Dr. Cary Silverman from OCLI is more than just an ophthalmologist; he’s a photographer as well! In his spare time outside of the office, Dr. Silverman indulges in photography as a type of personal satisfaction outside of his job as a physician. Making the decision to combine these two aspects of his life together, Dr.…

August 11, 2014
August 11, 2014

Does LASIK Hurt? 5 Things You Should Know

More than 12 million people have undergone LASIK eye surgery it first received FDA approval in 1995. With a success rate of over 95%, LASIK is one of the safest and most common elective procedures in the United States. Despite its high success rate, many people still hesitate to undergo LASIK. Although advances in laser…

April 3, 2013
April 3, 2013

Vision FAQs: Can Cataracts Reappear Following Cataract Surgery?

Tackling the common question of post-cataract surgery and vision. There are many vision problems that plague millions of people across the country each and every year, from minor vision impairments to major diseases that can seriously impact your eyesight. Luckily, with all of the advances in vision technology that have occurred over the years and…

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