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Why Getting LASIK Is The Patriotic Thing To Do

June 29, 2017

It’s a bold claim, but we believe that improving your eyesight is actually a patriotic act, one akin to watching fireworks on the Fourth or flying a flag from your porch. In fact, those beautiful stars and stripes might be one of the reasons you decide to get LASIK.

In the words of Stewie Griffin to his dog, Brian, “You can’t even see the colors of the American flag…Commie.” Harsh? Undoubtedly. True? Well, dogs actually have a limited range of color vision, but that’s beside the point.

The point is that getting LASIK is the patriotic thing to do. Why? Because we’re here to enjoy and care for our country, from sea to shining sea. Mountaintop vistas, ocean boulevards, and desert mirages are all available for you to experience in our great country. Seeing the natural and manmade wonders that dot the United States, and the flag, without perfect vision just isn’t quite the same.

Without LASIK, you’ll be stuck cleaning your lenses on that mountaintop. Or getting sand in your eye and on your contacts in the Arizona desert. Or losing your contacts or your glasses in the big wave that catches you from behind while you’re waist-deep in the ocean.

If you can’t see clearly, how will you notice that piece of plastic on the beach that you would otherwise pick up and dispose of properly? How would you notice the glint of the beer can that someone left alongside your favorite trail? Part of being a patriotic American is taking care of our land and leaving it to the next generation in the same shape, or better, that it was left to us. You’ve got to see the problem before you can do something about it. LASIK keeps your eyesight clear, and you ready for action, at all times. Not just on days when you’ve remembered your glasses.

LASIK gives you the opportunity to enjoy and protect our great country, one view, hike, bike ride, or road trip at a time. And yes, you will be able to see the colors of the American flag clearly, just like the founding fathers intended. Ben Franklin invented the bifocals because he realized the importance of clear vision. We’re fairly certain that he would have jumped at the chance to improve his eyesight to 20/20 vision.

So yes, getting LASIK is the patriotic thing to do. Think of all the fireworks you’ll be able to see clearly without the help of corrective lenses, all the eagles you’ll be able to spot soaring through the air, and every other sight America has to offer that will help you appreciate in even greater detail the majesty of our wonderful country.

So this Independence Day, give us a call at OCLI. We’ll talk over your options for corrective eye surgery and figure out what’s best for you. Don’t wait another day to change your eyesight forever. It’s the patriotic thing to do, after all.

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