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5 Essential Contact Care Tips

June 1, 2017

Experiencing dry eyes, redness or irritation? Your contacts could be the issue. Proper contact care is the main way to prevent the spread of dirt and germs from the contact to the eye. The good news is that this process does not have to be extensive or complicated. Simply by following directions and creating a routine, contact care can become a straightforward task. Here are a few general tips that are helpful to any contact user.

1. Clean hands mean clean lenses

This tip may seem elementary, but washing your hands before touching your contacts really is the key to clean lenses. Every day our hands are exposed to various germs, dirt and bacteria. Without proper hygienic care, these particles could be easily spread to anything they come in contact with. Remove all the soap off your hands and dry them completely for the best results. It only takes a moment to do a simple wash of your hands, yet the results are significant.

When your hands are squeaky clean, use the “rub and rinse” method with solution or filtered water. Rub the contact lenses in-between two fingers to entirely scrub away any unwanted particles that may have built up overnight. This is the preferred method recommended by eye care professionals because it is gentle with the lenses yet effective in disinfecting.  

Helpful Tips:

-Use a lint free towel- This will prevent the spread of pieces of fabric to your eye

-Rinse and repeat- If you are unsure if your hands are completely clean, there is no harm in washing them again 

-Avoid contact with tap water- Some types of tap water contain harsh chemicals and minerals that may irritate the eye

2. It all starts with the contact case 

Keeping your contact case clean will ensure a longer contact life and more efficient hygiene. Simply rinsing with solution will do the trick.

It is also suggested that you replace the contact case every month or two to further reduce grime buildup.

3. Choose your solutions wisely

Every solution is designed for a specific purpose, so choosing the right solution is important to achieving your desired results. By doing the research and consulting your eye care professional, you can find the solution that works for you.

Types of Cleaners:

-Saline solution— Useful for rinsing and storing contact lenses

-Contact cleaner— For daily use/may be replaced with filtered water 

-Hydrogen peroxide— May act as a supplement to other cleaners 

-Enzymatic cleaner— Disinfects soft contact lenses

4. Keep your lenses fresh

As a rule of thumb, lenses should not come in contact with anything but your eye, filtered water or solution. Every brand of contact and solution has their own set of specific instructions, so familiarizing yourself with them is the first step.

To avoid eye irritation and redness, it is important to only wear the contacts when you are actively using them. Be sure to take out your contacts before you go to bed!

5. Stay up to date

Remember that your eyes change and your contacts should too. Make sure to stay up to date with regular checkups and eye exams to ensure correct contact prescriptions. By remaining current with your eye care, you will also stay updated on new solutions and products. 

Understanding that eye care can also vary for different age groups will allow for more specific treatments. Various factors may change our regular eye treatment, since our eyes change as we age.

If contacts just aren’t working for you, it may be time to try LASIK surgery. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation or find out more about LASIK.

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