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The Cost Of LASIK: Can LASIK Surgery Save You Money In The Long Run?

November 8, 2013

LASIK can save you both time and money throughout your lifetime.

One of the biggest hesitations that people often have when they are thinking about whether or not they should undergo LASIK surgery is the overall cost of the procedure. Some people see the price as quite steep and often wonder if the benefits of this kind of procedure could be worth the (what seems like) hefty price tag. However, the truth of the matter is, when you step back and look at just how much money LASIK surgery can save you each year over your lifetime, it can make glasses and contact lenses look like the exuberant cost.

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The High Cost of Glasses and Contacts

It is easy to think of contacts and glasses like small, manageable investments. Glasses, for instance, are a relatively inexpensive one time purchase that you can get several years out of (if you are lucky) before having to purchase new ones. Contact lenses are even more inexpensive, and you may even spend as little as $25-$30 a month getting new lenses.

However, it’s important to include all of the extra costs that come along with both of these investments, as well as look out how many monthly/yearly “investments” you will make over the course of your lifetime.

For example, with every pair of glasses you purchase comes annual eye examinations, matching prescription sunglasses for sunny days, the cost of replacing broken frames or lenses, etc. Plus, when you add on designer frames or lens add-ons such as polycarbonate lenses, that only increases the price. Contacts are the same way. $30 may not seem like such a high price when you are dividing it up monthly, but that means that you are spending $360 every year in order to see, on top of all of the additional costs we mentioned above.

How LASIK Can Save You Time and Money

When you opt to have LASIK eye surgery, you are already saving yourself money by no longer having to pay for expensive lenses, replacing contacts or investing in prescription sunglasses. However, you also save yourself time at the doctor by not having to worry about ordering and picking up new refills of contacts every month, or working with your insurance company to understand your price limit on eyewear.

Plus, there is also the small moments of time that you are getting back each and every day by not having to bother with contacts or glasses. For instance, no more stumbling around in the morning reaching for your glasses on your nightstand. No more struggling to get your eyes to adjust to contact lenses first thing in the morning. You get to start off every day one step ahead of the game with perfect vision!

If you have had LASIK eye surgery in the past, what are some of the biggest advantages you have gained from having this procedures? Do you find that it has saved you both time and money, as we mentioned above? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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