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Make Your LASIK Surgery A Group Purchase With New Crowdfunding Website

September 19, 2013

PeelPoints.com lets  you fund your aesthetic procedures through donations from friends.

For many people, when it comes to certain gift giving holidays or birthdays, we often ask for the gifts that we want rather than the gifts that we need. For instance, we lust after a new DVD or computer game that has just come out, or we ask for tickets to an upcoming concert that we’re excited about. And while we love receiving these exciting gifts, we still have bigger (and often more expensive) things in our lives that we continue to save up for.

However, a new website is hoping to change all that, at least for those of us who are saving up for an important aesthetic procedure.

Peel, LLC, the company that runs PeelPoints.com, recently announced that they were launching a unique and innovative website that allows people to raise money for certain aesthetic services, products and procedures through monetary  donations from their friends and family.

“Peel allows a member to create a personal aesthetic registry that can be useful for many years of fundraising for aesthetic needs. The member can anticipate plastic surgery needs or cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic procedures and register well in advance. Recurring beauty needs such as hair coloring or nail services can also be budgeted for and financed,” said Sam Holmes, founder of Peel, LLC.

The procedures they are primarily expecting people to utilize this service for are the higher end procedures, such as plastic surgery, LASIK, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, simply because of the financial barrier that often keeps many people from seeking out these procedures. However, you could also utilize the website to crowdfund things such as spa visits or tanning packages if you so wished.

Once you create a campaign on these sites, you can then promote your different aesthetic registries on social media sites in order to encourage family or friends to donate to your campaign―even requesting as little as $10-$20 donations over many years at a time.

Once the goal amount for the procedure has been met, Peelpoints pays the provider of the procedure directly to guarantee that the funds are raised for the stated purpose (no buying a new flat screen with your dental fund!), and this also creates a relationship between providers and Peelpoints. “Less expensive services and products are paid with a Peel stored value card mailed to the member,” according to Peel’s recent press release.

While we are sure that some people will certainly scoff at the request to help fund your friend’s elective procedures, we could see this being a great tool for someone who would like money towards a beneficial medical procedure like LASIK for their birthday or graduation, rather than your typical gift card. You could easily raise the money over time with help of monetary gifts from friends and family, and then they could be satisfied in knowing that they helped contribute towards a gift that you will truly use forever!

What do you think about this medical crowdfunding service? Would you utilize a website such as this or do think that it is inappropriate to ask people to help you out with your own personal expenses? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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