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Post-Procedure: Common Questions Following Cataract Surgery

January 8, 2013

The most common questions people have following their cataract procedure.

Any time you have any kind of serious medical procedure, it can be nerve-racking and confusing. What exactly does the procedure consist of? How will that particular procedure affect your life? What kind of changes can you expect in the days and weeks that follow? It is only natural to have any of these question, no matter what type of procedure you may be undergoing.

However, when the area you are working on is your eyes, it can be even more anxious to the person undergoing surgery, as this part of your body is such an important, intricate aspect of nearly everything that you do.

One particular eye surgery that is gaining popularity in older adults and seniors aged 60 and up is cataract surgery. The increase in this surgical procedure is mostly due to the ever-growing instances of cataracts in this particular age group; mostly because cataracts are an age-related vision problem. In fact, according to Prevent Blindness America’s Vision Problems in the U.S. report, more than half of all Americans are expected to develop cataracts by age 80.

Cataract surgery is even becoming one of the most common vision correction procedures out there, with more that 2.5 million people undergoing surgery for this vision problem each year. So, what can post-cataract patients expect after this important procedure? We have put together some answers to the most common questions that people have following cataract surgery:

What Should I Avoid In The Days Following Surgery?

After you have your cataract surgery, your eyes may be more sensitive than they usually are. Therefore, even though you can resume your normal life and activities in just a few days, you should be extra careful about performing vigorous activities into your routine or letting your eyes come into contact with any outside substances. For instance, avoid dust, smoke and water and do not let anything come into contact with your eyes, other than your prescribed eye drops.

How Long Will My Eyes Be Sensitive To Light?

In the days following your cataract surgery, you may find that you may not be able to tolerate being outside or in sunny places. Therefore, you should be sure to wear dark sunglasses each time you are in bright light in order to make yourself more comfortable. Luckily, this is just a temporary symptom that will go away in the days following your procedure.

Will I Still Have To Use Glasses After Surgery?

Most standard intraocular lenses used during cataract surgery are monofocal. This means that you will be able to see clearly far away or up close, but not both, as they have fixed focal distance. If you choose the typical monofocal IOL to be implanted during your cataract surgery, you will may need reading glasses in order to perform activities that require very sharp vision. You can also choose to use premium lenses during cataract surgery, which are available in many different types and can greatly decrease the need to wear glasses after your procedure.

If you are thinking of undergoing cataract surgery and have further questions about what you can expect both before and after the procedure, be sure to contact OCLI today!


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