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New Contoura Treatment Arrives At OCLI

May 24, 2017

Here at OCLI, we constantly stay up-to-date with any new changes or developments in our field in order to give our patients the best care possible. We invest in the newest technology because we believe that our patients deserve the most advanced treatments around.

And that’s why we’re so happy to announce the arrival of the new Contoura Vision Treatment at OCLI. Our own Drs. Silverman and Janchens are one of the very first eye surgeons to have Contoura at their disposal, and we’d like to introduce you to this revolutionary technology. 

What Is Contoura?

Contoura is laser vision correction, but it uses some of the most advanced mapping technology available to create a personal treatment for each patient’s individual eyes.

Think of Contoura as a fingerprinting device, but for your eyes. Everyone’s eyes are different, much like the unique pattern of your fingerprints. Contoura maps the unique contour of your eyes, creating an extremely precise and accurate map for your eye doctor to use in your LASIK eye surgery. In fact, Contoura maps up to 22,000 different elevation points on each eye.

That data is then sent to a surgical planning computer that creates an individualized ablation profile for the patient. Our advanced excimer lasers are able to automatically adjust the laser pulse placement to match the topography in the ablation profile. That provides for the most individualized treatment available—and the results have been fantastic.

The Results

In the study group, 98.4% of patients who received the Contoura procedure said they would choose it again, and 92.6% of patients treated achieved 20/20 vision or better. An exceptional 64.8% of eyes treated with Contoura achieved 20/16 vision or better. That means that well over half of the eyes treated saw better than normal after the procedure.

And Contoura is a game-changer in other ways, as well. The few complaints associated with LASIK have to do with symptoms that some patients experience in their vision after the surgery. These can include glare, halos, or trouble driving at night. But Contoura actually decrease incidences of all of those symptoms. After 12 months, complaints of glare were down nearly 5%, halos down over 3%, and complaints about driving at night had decreased by 8%.

This new addition to the tools we have available at OCLI means that we’re able to add a new level of personalization to our patients’ experience. LASIK eye surgery has been around for years, and is an extremely safe and effective procedure, but we’re always searching for ways to make it even better.

We want everyone to know about our new Contoura treatment because we want everyone to have the clear, amazing vision that they deserve. Glasses and contacts simply can’t compare to beautiful and clear vision from LASIK.

Imagine having perfect vision after years of wearing glasses or contacts. It’s not out of reach. Call today and we can schedule a consultation to determine what your best options are for improving your vision

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