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LASIK For Everyone – Ages 41-60

March 30, 2017

Reaching middle age comes with a lot of enjoyable experiences for many people. Watching children grow up, feeling settled in a career, or any of the other life events that happen around this time can all be satisfying experiences. Still, there are always some downsides to aging. For instance, issues with your vision can quickly arise after 40, and you should take care to be on the lookout (no pun intended) for any changes in your vision.

And it may also be time to think about laser eye surgery to correct any defects or problems with your vision.

Middle age is an excellent time to make the break with your glasses or contacts and get LASIK. You likely are more financially stable and ready to invest in your vision than you were a decade or two ago. If you’ve been dealing with corrective lenses to accommodate poor vision, then it may be time to look into your options with LASIK. One of the most common things we hear from patients is that they wish they’d had LASIK earlier.

Also keep in mind that LASIK isn’t the only procedure available to correct your vision. Some people have naturally thin or flat corneas, or they have vision problems that are too severe to be corrected by LASIK. Fortunately, even if you fall under these categories, you still have options to correct your vision with laser eye surgery.

For example, if you do have very flat or thin corneas, you may still be able to receive LASEK, a less invasive procedure that involves removing outer layer of the cornea prior to laser treatment.  No flap is made!   A laser is then used to reshape the inner cornea just like in LASIK surgery. The recovery time for LASEK is longer, but for people who can’t get LASIK it’s a smart alternative.

And as you get older, you might notice that your near vision is becoming worse. This is natural, and everyone will experience some amount of presbyopia as they age—the natural stiffening of the eye’s lens. You likely grew up with parents and grandparents who wore reading glasses in order to compensate for this, but that’s no longer your only option.

LASIK can be combined with the KAMRA inlay, which is inserted into a pocket under the LASIK flap, providing both near and distance vision.

If you spent the first half of your life with corrective lenses, then you may feel like that’s as good as it gets. But don’t settle for second best when you could have excellent vision. Instead, call OCLI today, and we can set up a consultation to review your options for laser eye surgery.

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