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LASIK For Vacations

July 20, 2017

Ah, vacation. It’s a magical time when you get to forget about work, school, and the other hassles of normal life for a couple weeks. Whether you head to the beach, the mountains, or the big city, vacations can be the best time of the year.

But there are always little things that can get in the way of experiencing a truly relaxing or spectacular vacation. Poor eyesight is one of them. At OCLI, we don’t want anyone to miss out on the benefits of their vacation, which is why we think getting LASIK before heading on vacation is a good move. Here’s why.

Traveling Becomes Easier

Let’s face it, vacation is awesome—getting there and back is another matter entirely. It’s not unheard of for families to drive hundreds of miles or more to reach their vacation destination. That’s a long time to have contacts in while staring at the road, or feeling your glasses’ nose pads pressing down for hours at a time.

Flying isn’t much better, and it can even be worse. Leaving your contacts or glasses behind or losing them when your luggage goes missing can be a huge pain. And if you did fly to a foreign country, it can be even tougher to replace missing contacts or broken glasses. Spending the whole day finding an optometrist that speaks English probably isn’t on your vacation itinerary.

You’ll See It All

Vacations aren’t just a state of mind. Most of us like to go somewhere new or beautiful when we use our vacation days. If we can afford it, we’d rather not spend time in the backyard. Getting LASIK before your vacation just means that you’ll be able to see all the natural or man-made wonders on your vacation with perfect vision. No foggy lenses or irritating contacts to distract you. It really does make a difference when you see the world without a lens between you and the view.

You Can Experience What You Want To

Losing a contact at the beach means you’re going to be missing out on quite a bit until you get back to the hotel room. And wearing glasses at the beach may mean that you decide against going for that swim out to the sandbar. LASIK means never having to say no to an experience because you’re worried about your corrective lenses or your eyesight.

Everything from mountain biking to parasailing gets easier with LASIK. You don’t have to think about what could go wrong anymore. You just hand off your phone to someone else and dive in.

Remember that after LASIK you won’t be able to swim for a couple weeks, so plan ahead!

Got a vacation coming up and want to have clear vision when the time comes? Then call us today at OCLI. We’ll set you up with a consultation to determine the best option for improving your vision and making your next vacation one for the books.

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