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LASIK For The Holidays

December 22, 2016

If you’re like most people around the holidays, you’re probably spending some time figuring out what gifts you’re going to get your loved ones. Big or small, it’s the thought that counts, and that’s why you should consider giving the gift of LASIK.

The holidays are a wonderful time for LASIK, because they’re also a wonderful time for you and your family. Is there any reason that you’d want your loved ones to miss a single moment of the holiday spirit and cheer?

With LASIK, they don’t have to. Contacts and glasses are fine for the most part, but they aren’t always great when it comes to winter activities. Have you ever been playing outside in the snow and watched Dad continually wipe his glasses? Or have to take them off as they fog up when he finally comes back inside? Minor problems, to be sure, but wouldn’t it be nice if he never had to deal with that again?

Giving your loved one LASIK for the holidays is also a great way to get past the “What do I get for the guy/gal who has everything” conundrum. Maybe there is someone out there who would shrug off being given the gift of clear sight, but we have to imagine there aren’t many of them. Giving LASIK is about as unique and thoughtful as you can get.

LASIK is a gift that keeps on giving. The entire procedure lasts about a half hour, and though the patient should have someone drive them home, they’ll be able to go back to regular activities within a few days. So not only is LASIK ideal for seeing everything the holidays have to offer you and your family, it also won’t take much time out of a busy holiday schedule. They’ll be back to stringing lights, building snowmen, and waiting in line at the mall for Santa in no time.

So this holiday season, instead of waiting to see your eye doctor and finding out you need a new prescription for your lenses or contacts, why not go see a LASIK surgeon and get rid of those recurring costs forever? LASIK may seem like a lot up front, but it’s cheaper than a lifetime of glasses and contacts. And doesn’t that just mean more presents for everyone in the long run?

Whether it’s getting outdoors for some favorite winter sports, or just hanging out by the fire and making memories with loved ones, everyone wants to be able to see well during the holidays. So give the gift of LASIK, and you’ll be fulfilling what for many people is a lifelong dream—clear and stable vision.

If you or a loved one is interested in LASIK, then give us a call and we can set up a consultation to see what your options are. The holidays are some of the most special times you can share with your family. Don’t let anyone miss a thing.

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