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Fun Winter Activities in NJ (That Can Be Totally Ruined by Dry Eyes and Poor Vision)

February 10, 2016

Since the snow isn’t coming to us (yet), New Jersey is bringing its own winter magic! Some are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, like outdoor ice skating in just a sweater. Other activities are familiar yet timeless, like romantic carriage rides. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you missed even a fraction of these moments because of your dry eyes or poor eyesight? Whatever your reasons, we here at OCLI are more than happy to help you get the vision and care you need to truly enjoy all that winter has to offer this year.

Ice skating

Newport Skates is unlike any other outdoor skating experience. With 7,000 square feet of space overlooking the Manhattan skyline, you’ll be transported to a metropolitan winter wonderland. Whether you’re ice skating indoors or outdoors, the last thing anyone wants to deal with are dry eyes as a result of skating through cold, dry winds. Take advantage of the views, not your eyes. Our Dry Eye Care Center is available for you to get treatment and help you find much needed relief for your next outing.

Winter Wine Fest

If wine could hydrate and heal our eyes the way it does for our spirits, everyone with dry eyes and poor vision would be drinking a glass of wine a day. The Fourth Annual Winter Wine Festival will be bringing in over 120 varieties of wines, plenty of delicious hors d’oeuvres, and a live jazz band to top off the evening. With so much wine, food, and music to enjoy, the evening will inevitably be long, amusing, and terribly tiring on the eyes. Whether you’re suffering from nearsighted or farsighted vision, LASIK eye surgery can remedy your poor vision to perfection, so that you can enjoy an all-nighter, worry-free.

Carriage Rides

Nothing is more romantic in the winter than cozying up with your sweetheart in a horse-drawn carriage. The Cape May Carriage Company offers rides in their victorian-style carriages, including a historic tour of the town of Cape May. When you’re with that special someone, don’t ruin the mood by rubbing your eyes or putting eye drops in when you’re cuddling up. Contact us directly to ask any questions about how to get the treatment you need for problems with your eyes.

Visit a Castle

New Jersey has a rich history that comes to life in the wintertime. The Lambert Castle Museum has been beautifully decorated for the holidays, bringing in a breath of fresh air to the 19th century design. Luckily, you are a 21st century being with the advances of technology on your side, therefore, you have the opportunity to remedy any eye ailment you may have with OCLI. Sorry, did our Downtown Abbey voice just slip through? Yours will too when you see the magnificence of the castle with a fresh, new vision.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our specialists at OCLI now–winter will be gone in a blink of an eye if you do!





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