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Laser Cataract Surgery Question Answered

November 22, 2017

Q: I’ve heard that cataract surgery is now done with a laser. Is this true and what difference does it make?

A: It is true that we can now perform cataract surgery with a laser, also known as femtosecond laser technology. There are a great many benefits to this approach. The addition of the laser means that many of the most challenging parts of cataract surgery, that are traditionally performed manually, are now automated. This creates a higher level of precision that cannot be achieved in traditional cataract surgery. The use of the laser also means a more predictable outcome, possible better results for the patient, along with a reduced risk of complications and a faster, smoother healing process.

Laser Cataract Surgery is also a great tool for surgeons that are performing cataract surgery on patients with dense cataracts. The laser can divide the dense cataract into tiny little pieces, making it much easier to remove.

When used in conjunction with premium IOLs, or intraocular lenses, which replace the natural lens during cataract surgery, the results can be great. Unlike standard IOLs which only allow you to see clearly at one distance, premium IOLs may allow you to see clearly at multiply distances, offering patients the possibility of life with little or no dependence on glasses after surgery. Laser cataract surgery when used with premium IOLs can help patients achieve a level of vision they never thought would be possible.

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