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Full spectrum lighting offers better visual color

August 24, 2011

Full spectrum lighting offers better visual color/contrast quality allowing one to see objects more comfortably since it provides a full spectrum of color and is not biased towards one color like other light sources.

Full spectrum lighting increases contrast which provides more noticeable differences in color.

Full spectrum lighting also has a higher “flicker rate” which can reduce eye strain. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flicker_fusion_threshold

Some experts believe full spectrum lighting can systemically improve “moods” by stimulating certain glands and hormones.

Not to confuse you even more, here’s another website that sells FULL SPECTRUM lighting that our optometrist recommends to our patients with visual difficulties. ( https://www.ottlite.com/t-full-spectrum-lamp.aspx )

Virile Happy Eyes Lamp Series, Reading Lamp

Verilux® Happy Eyes Lamp Series increases the energy levels and lifts the moods of your employees. The lamps in this series all feature a fluorescent bulb that simulates natural light, contributing to an overall sense of well-being. These bulbs emit a pure white light that increases contrast for better vision. They also reduce glare and eyestrain, making reading and other close-up tasks easier and more comfortable. These fluorescent bulbs last five times longer than ordinary bulbs!

In some ways, the Happy Eyes desk lamp is retro in appearance, with an adjustable “gooseneck” support which lets you position the light to your needs. The lamp stands about 14 inches tall, and from front to back, is about 17 inches deep. So if you have a very cramped computer desk, the Happy Eyes lamp may be a little bulky as compared with a small halogen lamp. But the benefits over a halogen desk lamp are numerous.

First off, the light from the Happy Eyes lamp is very close to sunlight in spectrum, which is very useful if you are printing photos in color and want wide-spectrum lighting to review them. Also, the compact fluorescent bulb uses less power than halogen lights. And just like a halogen lamp, the Happy Eyes light turns on instantly without any of that irritating fluorescent light flickering. And it uses solid state circuitry to produce an even source of light that does not flash 60 times per second the way normal fluorescent bulbs do. In fact, I hate normal fluorescent lights, not just for their irritating 60 flickers per second, but also for their un-natural spectrum. Happy Eyes lights eliminate both of those problems, and deliver natural, steady light.

Happy Eyes Pros

  • Natural light in a lamp
  • No flicker!
  • Long bulb life
  • Instant on
  • Bright
  • Low power consumption
  • Excellent for previewing color prints

Happy Eyes Cons

  • More expensive than typical desk lamps
  • larger than most desk lamps


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