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Eyelash Extensions: Fuller, Longer Lashes Than Ever Before

December 8, 2011

New eyelash treatments offer extensions to your eyelash for more length.

It is no secret that our eyes are often considered a universal sign of beauty among different cultures. To some people, a person’s eyes can tell you everything that you want to know about them―their feelings, their past and their future. Or, in other cultures, the shadows and past inside of an elders eyes often make them more wise and intelligent for their years.

After all, as many people say, the eyes are the window to our soul, and because of this, many people will go to extreme lengths to ensure that their eyes are as beautiful and as soulful as they can possibly be.

However, when talking about extreme lengths for beautiful eyes, there is one particular aspect of our eyes which truly represent beauty and femininity ―long, beautiful eyelashes.

When you look to the women in the movies or at the luscious movie stars walking down the red carpet at various celebrity events, their eyelashes seem to flow sky high in a long, full fashion. As women all over the world look to these stars, they too wish to achieve these Hollywood results that will amplify their beauty and turn their eyelashes from dull and drab, to beautiful and fab.

Luckily, there are many different treatments and products available to people who are seeking out ways to enhance their eyelashes. For instance, many mascaras promise to volumize lashes beyond their limits, or thicken and enhance their appearance. Many beauty companies also make disposable lashes that can be glued on to your eyelash line for a bolder, more drastic look. There’s even a medication that promises fuller, longer lashes in just a short amount of time.

However, for women looking for a quick, semi-permanent fix to their dull lashes, a new Hollywood trend has begun to sweep across the beauty world and transform the eyelashes of women once and for all―eyelash extensions.

These extensions are applied individually to each eyelash in an initial application by an experienced eyelash extension stylist. They will help you to select the correct look, length and thickness for your individual face and will go over the maintenance and benefits of this revolutionary beauty product.

One of the best parts about these eyelash extensions is the fact that you can shower, swim, sauna and practically do anything you would like with them and still look like you have a full coat of mascara on. However, the price of this kind of beauty will cost you. The initial price for a full set of extensions runs around $200 and they need to be refreshed every two to three weeks for maintenance, running you around $1,500 for a full year. However, for many, the price of these long, beautiful lashes is worth it.

If you are looking to make any drastic changes to your vision, whether it be through a permanent lash extender such as Latisse, or a semi-permanent change through lash extensions, make sure that you first get an initial exam with your ophthalmologist to ensure that these procedures will not harm your vision or cause any  unwanted side effects. After all, the true beauty of your eyes is the clear, healthy vision that comes from them.


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