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Early Results of LipiFlow Dry Eye Treatments Encouraging at OCLI

April 26, 2012

As I previously announced in this blog, OCLI is currently assessing the effectiveness of the first diagnostic and treatment system for evaporative dry eye from Tear Science.  The LipiView diagnostic system and LipiFlow treatment system have been in our office this week.  We have done over 20 treatments and our patients are reporting that it feels “weird” or “soothing”.  We have treated mild to moderate dry eye patients, several of whom have had LASIK in the past.  Nobody has experienced any pain.  It is too soon to tell what kind of relief our patients will be achieving.  Personally I do notice subtle improvements each day since my treatment last week.  One of our patients e-mailed me yesterday to report:

Def noticeable but incremental improvement – you were right!

In all, I am quite encouraged with the possible benefits of the LipiFlow system and will keep you informed.

The system was supposed to be in our office through today.  However, we have just learned that we will have access to it through Monday.  Anyone interested in having their dry eyes assessed and/or treated are encouraged to call our office at 973-560-1500 and ask for Barbara.  She may also be reached Request an appointment.  Please mention your interest in the LipiFlow  system.

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