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Dr. Silverman Is Now Certified for the iStent Glaucoma Treatment

January 8, 2014

This Micro Invasive Glaucoma treatment is the smallest approved by the FDA.

Late last August on our blog, we introduced a new FDA-approved treatment called iStent― a revolutionary new device that combined treatments for both cataracts and glaucoma all in one procedure. This amazing piece of technology is one of the first approved devices of its kind that may be considered in the treatment of open-angle glaucoma in patients needing cataract extraction. For that reason, we were thrilled when OCLI became one of the first practices that would begin utilizing this beneficial tool.

Now, we are even more thrilled to announce that our very own Dr. Cary M. Silverman is now certified to use the iStent Glaucoma Treatment! We believe that using the iStent Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stent System will allow us to offer our patients an unbeatable way to treat cataracts and glaucoma, all at the same time.

To help you learn more about his new procedure that will be offered in the OCLI offices, here is some information about iStent and some answers to commonly asked questions about this treatment.

What are the most notable features of the iStent Treatment?

There are a number of benefits when using the iStent compared to other treatments available. For instance, it is the first MIGS (Micro Invasive Glaucoma Surgery) device of its kind which improves your eye’s natural fluid outflow in order to safely lower the pressure in your eye by creating a permanent opening in the trabecular meshwork.  The iStent is then safely implanted during cataract surgery, sparing important eye tissue that can often be easily damaged during traditional surgeries.  The iStent dimensions are customized to fit perfectly within the Schlemm canal, so perfectly that you can’t even begin to feel it after the surgery is finished.  Using iStent also does not limit your treatment options that could help maintain vision in the future.

How invasive is the iStent Treatment?

iStent is actually the smallest medical device of its kind ever approved by the FDA . In fact, when it is placed in your eye during cataract surgery, it is so small that you will not be able to see it or feel it once the procedure is finished. It simply creates a permanent opening in your trabecular meshwork that continuously improves the outflow of fluid from your eyes to help control eye pressure, without the need for any discomfort or an invasive medical procedure.

Will eye drops still be needed to control eye pressure after the procedure?

One of the largest benefits of the use of the iStent for people with glaucoma and cataracts is that it significantly reduces the need to use eye drops in order to control eye pressure. While some patients find that they need prescription eye drops less after using the iStent, others may even find that they do not need prescription eye drops at all!  The tool is meant to help regulate your eye pressure, so that eye drops are simply not constantly necessary.  This is a huge relief, as these can be very expensive to purchase and even more difficult to administer.

To find out more information about this revolutionary vision procedure, or to set up a consultation to see if iStents may be a good treatment for you, be sure to contact OCLI today!

General Glaucoma Information

While not painful and does not cause immediate blindness, glaucoma is a long lasting condition in the eye that can prove to be highly troublesome for the patient.  Usually, the condition results in patients seeing dark patches in their vision, also known as areas of blindness.  Glaucoma usually occurs after the patient has had an abnormally amount of high pressure applied to their optic nerve.  However, it is extremely healthy and normal for patients to have a standard amount of pressure in their optic nerve, as this pressure is derived from natural fluids within your eye.  The scientific term for this pressure is called IOP (intraocular pressure)

You can also check out our blog for more information on glaucoma treatments, plus helpful tips on how to live with glaucoma and reduce its effects.  Maybe you want to change your diet in relation to your glaucoma?  Or you want to know about the new lasers that are used to treat the disease?  We even have information on optical implants that can be used to detect the early signs of glaucoma.  Be sure to look around to also fill yourself up with knowledge on the helpful tips and things you should know regarding glaucoma.


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