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6 Movies to Watch After You’ve Had LASIK

April 28, 2016

After having LASIK surgery, your vision will seem clearer, sharper, and better than ever. During the next rainy New Jersey day, why not turn to one of these flicks? From amazing costumes to great CGI effects, you’ve never seen them look so good.

Best Movies to Watch after LASIK

Amelie (2001)

Innocent Amelie made waves around the world. The film worked within a specific color palette to enhance the mood of the film. Notice the warm, deep reds and the pops of yellow? They aren’t natural. Those colors were emphasized by director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, to make the audience sympathize with the title characters—and achieved by using a special color manipulation process for films (Digital Intermediate). The golden tones make Paris appear dreamy and surreal.

Fifth Element (1997)

The most expensive European film ever made, the Fifth Element won awards for its costumes, special effects, and production design. Even now, the set still holds up. From bright and bold to cold and dark, it creates an interesting perspective of how New York — and the world — of the future might look. The costumes match this edgy new world, frequently paired with unbelievable hair and makeup.

Great Gatsby (2013)

It’s Baz Luhrmann’s highest grossing film and the winner of two Academy Awards for Best Production Design and Best Costume Design. The roaring twenties are beautifully illustrated, opulent, and shining.

Marie Antoinette (2006)

No, the movie isn’t exactly dead-on historically accurate, but it is a feast for the eyes. It won the Academy Award for Best Costume Design, with its endless elaborate gowns, wigs, and shoes in a parade of pretty pastels. Never before had a film had such complete access to the Palace of Versailles. There is nothing ugly about this film.

Moulin Rouge (2001)

Over-the-top and magical, this movie required 300 costumes. With so much coordination, the wardrobe department once had to have eighty people working within it. Nicole Kidman’s hats, marabou-feather costumes, and the vivid colors used in her apparel, and throughout the rest of the film, make it one to watch again—after you’ve had LASIK.

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015)

The seventh film in the series, The Force Awakens is the highest-grossing installment of the franchise, the highest grossing film in North America, and the third highest grossing film of all time. Everyone seems to have viewed this last version of Star Wars, however, if it was watched pre-LASIK, it’s time to give it another try. It’s non-stop action. There’s so much going on in the detailed, fast-paced world. Staying away from CGI as much as possible, the sets use scale models and real locales to mimic the vibe of earlier movies, with an updated feel. It’s a feast for the eyes.

Life-Changing LASIK

Here you may have thought that LASIK would only help you ditch your contacts and glasses, and save money on them (and their accessories) each year. Now, you will see how LASIK can change the way you’ve been watching movies.

Don’t delay. Call OCLI today and schedule a LASIK surgery consultation.

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