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4 Tips for Preserving Your Vision When You Have Diabetes

June 20, 2017

Diabetes is a disease that can be hard to manage but doing so is essential for your long-term health. Diabetes poses serious health risks and can cause vision problems or even blindness. Diabetic retinopathy can damage the blood vessels in your retina which could result in blindness. Diabetes also increases your risk for developing other eye diseases like cataracts or glaucoma.

And unfortunately, as we discussed in this article, 60 percent of diabetic patients do not have yearly comprehensive eye exams. While this statistic is disheartening, you don’t have to add to it. You can live a full life and take care of your health when you have diabetes. Here are four tips for preserving your vision when you have diabetes:

1. Monitor your blood pressure

As a diabetic, you are more at risk for having high blood pressure which would cause damage to the blood vessels in your eyes. By keeping your blood pressure under 130/80 you will decrease the chances of vision impairment.

2. Monitor your A1C level closely

When you visit your primary care physician or endocrinologist they will administer a test called the A1C which shows how well you have managed your blood sugar in the past few months. In general, if your level is under seven percent then you are doing a good job managing your diabetes.

3. Watch out for any sudden changes in vision

It is a good idea to monitor your vision regularly so you will notice any sudden changes. It is also a good idea to regularly talk to your doctor about this so they can help you manage your vision.

4. Have yearly comprehensive eye exams

It is important to be proactive in managing your diabetes and this means regular eye exams. Having a yearly dilated eye exam is crucial to preserving your vision.

It is important that you find a doctor who knows you and will work with you long-term to help you take care of your eyes. Our doctors are experts in diabetic eye care and we would love to work with you to help you maintain your vision. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors.

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