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4 Ways You Can Protect Yourself from Diabetic Eye Diseases

April 12, 2017

Everyone should do what they can to protect their eyes but this is especially important for diabetic patients. Diabetic patients are at higher risk for developing certain eye diseases such as glaucoma or cataracts. When your blood sugar gets too high it can lead to things like blurry vision and retinopathy. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness for adults from the ages of 20 to 74.

Thankfully, there are many steps you can take to protect yourself and preserve the health of your eyes. Here are four ways you can protect yourself from diabetic eye diseases:

Don’t skip your comprehensive eye exams

We wouldn’t advise anyone to skip their comprehensive eye exams but this is especially important for diabetic patients. Unfortunately, 60 percent of Americans who have diabetes do skip their annual eye exams. Don’t let yourself become part of that statistic; over 95 percent of diabetes-related vision loss can be prevented by having a yearly dilated eye exam.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Exercise will benefit your eyes and your overall health. Exercising regularly will help you manage your diabetes and will help you lower your blood pressure.

Monitor your blood sugar levels

When your blood sugar levels get too high it can cause serious damage to your body. High blood sugar levels can cause blurry vision and it can damage the blood vessels in your eyes.

Absolutely do not smoke

Smoking is bad for everyone but it is especially bad for you if you have diabetes. Diabetic patients have higher blood sugar levels which make their disease much harder to control. Diabetic patients who smoke are at higher risk for blindness, kidney failure, and nerve damage.

We know that managing your diabetes is a full-time job. A doctor who knows you and understands your situation will do a better job of knowing what to look for and help you manage your disease. At OCLI, we take preventative patient care very seriously. Schedule an appointment with one of our doctors today at our Long Island, Rockville Centre, Lynbrook, Valley Stream, East Setauket, Manhasset, East Meadow, Port Jefferson, Mineola, Garden City, Massapequa, Plainview, or Glen Cove.

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