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2 New Ways OCLI Can Reduce the Cost of Your Cataract Surgery

May 19, 2016

In the past, patients who underwent cataract surgery didn’t have much of a choice when it came to post-surgery prescription eye drops. Unfortunately, the costs associated with the three drops (a steroid, an antibiotic, and a non-steroidal) could reach a staggering $300 per eye. That’s not to mention the time involved; the full round of eye drops was prescribed for a period of anywhere from four to six weeks, with multiple applications each day.

The soaring costs of prescriptions were already a heavy weight. After finding out you have to undergo cataract surgery, imagine adding another round of prescriptions to your list, and one that’s lengthy and complicated to use, at that.

In an effort to help control the costs of eye care for our patients, we now offer dropless cataract surgery for our premium refractive cataract surgery patients, as well as a formulated drop that can significantly reduce costs for our standard cataract patients.

DropLess Cataract Surgery

The cataract surgery is a breeze and the result is amazing, but what about the after-care? The series of eye drops is draining, both financially and on your patience. Knowing how to properly apply eye drops is only half the battle – getting them in your eye is another, when they seem to land anywhere but where you actually want them to go.

They had always been an important, though sometimes frustrating, part of the cataract surgery recovery process—until now. Our premium refractive cataract surgery patients can benefit from a non-steroidal eye drop. Rather than a multitude of eye drops, this unique option only requires a single drop each day for around 3 weeks.

In a survey at an industry meeting, 95% of cataract surgeons stated they would prefer a dropless therapy. Guess which New Jersey eye care professional now provides that option? If you guessed OCLI, you’re right!

During your cataract surgery, a combination of a steroid and antibiotic is placed within the eye which is designed to aid in the healing process.

Talk about improvements! No more wrangling the bottle and trying to get it in the perfect position. No more contaminating the eye drop bottles by accident. And, what’s more, no more having to find a family member to help you get the drops in. Anyone can handle one eye drop each day with ease.

Formulated Eye Drops (Less Drops)

Combination drop therapy is another new way to keep costs down for our recovering cataract patients.

This custom formulation is a combination of a steroid, a non-steroidal, and an antibiotic drop all in one. Rather than deal with the hassle of 3 bottles of eye drops, not to mention the costs associated with it, the formulated eye drop gets the job done with less stress. Just one drop three times a day is required for around 3 weeks after surgery.

Our high tech cataract surgery combined with an easy to handle post-surgery plan will get you back on the road to recovery in no time, while saving you money in the process.

Get Your Cataract Surgery

With this good news, there’s no reason to put off your cataract surgery any longer—getting your cataract surgery can even help you live longer! What are you waiting for?

Your eyes deserve the best care. Call the vision professionals at OCLI today. Make an appointment right now and see what you have been missing!

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