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Your Cataract Surgery Questions Answered

December 5, 2017

Q: I am in need of cataract surgery, but I do not want to have to depend on glasses afterwards. What premium lens would be the best?

A: There are several premium lens options that are all exceptional choices. Some lenses are better suited for patients that drive more at night, and others might be a better fit for those who spend more time reading or working on the computer. One lens in particular that is approved by the FDA is the Tecnis Symfony Lens by Johnson & Johnson.

The Symfony Lens is a multifocal lens that uses innovative technology that can restore your distance vision as well as up close and intermediate vision. It effectively improves both near and distance vision without the use of glasses, improves functional vision, and maintains night vision- all while reducing the levels of halo and glare in various lighting conditions. Whenever you undergo cataract surgery, the clouded lens is typically replaced with a monofocal lens that can correct distance vision, but you would still require reading glasses or bifocals to see clearly when reading or working on a computer.

The Symfony Lens is a great option that gives you the freedom to live an active lifestyle and perform the activities you desire with little to no use of glasses. To learn more about the Symfony Lens and to determine which lens option may be the best for you, talk to your OCLI eye doctor at your next appointment.

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