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Why You Should Get LASIK in Time For the Holidays

November 10, 2017

Are your glasses driving you crazy? Maybe they’re only a minor nuisance? Maybe you’ve reconciled yourself to wearing them, but if you could snap your fingers or wave a magic wand and get 20/20 vision, you wouldn’t hesitate to do so?

Thanks to OCLI, no magic is required. Our laser-assisted vision correction (LASIK procedure) makes it easy and affordable to leave behind your glasses (contact lenses, too) and get incredibly clear, vivid eyesight, all in time for the holidays.

Never considered a LASIK procedure before or just now revisiting the idea? There are plenty of good reasons to lose the glasses and contact lenses for good:

  1. Precise, individual correction. Just as your fingerprints are singularly yours, your eyes are no different. Each person’s eyes are utterly distinct, not just in the minutia of their visual appearance (those radiating lines in your irises are as unique as the lines that comprise your fingerprints), but in terms of the tiny distortions that adversely affect your vision. While corrective eyewear (glasses and contact lenses) are designed to address three kinds of problems: nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, they can’t custom-correct for the unique differences between eyes. Whereas corrective eyewear can’t fine tune for the unique distinctions between different individual’s eyes, wavefront-guided LASIK allows for a truly customized treatment and precise vision correction. 
  2. Unhindered recreation. Maybe you don’t really mind wearing glasses…until you want to go swimming, play contact sports, go jogging without constantly pushing your glasses up, watch a 3-D movie without the awkwardness of wearing glasses on top of glasses, or just lie comfortably on your side while watching TV without your glasses becoming uncomfortably askew. The thing with glasses is that they’re no bother at all…until they are. With LASIK, you’ll no longer have to contend with either the bothersome limitations of glasses or the inconvenience of switching to contact lenses just to freely enjoy a particular activity.   
  3. Connecting with your kids. If you’re a mom or dad (or grandparent) who wears glasses, chances are you know too well how often your naturally curious baby (or grandbaby) has snatched your glasses right off your face, smudging them with their endearingly sticky fingers and popping them straight into their mouth for further exploration. You have probably also had the experience of playfully rolling around or roughhousing on the floor with your rug rats, only to have your glasses knocked off in the fun (or maybe even rolled on and innocently ruined). With a LASIK vision-correcting procedure, glasses won’t get between you and the littlest but most important people in your life.
  4. Convenience and comfort. While wearing glasses or contact lenses hardly counts as a major inconvenience, their day to day use and care can be a bit of a hassle. From putting them on and taking them off (for showering, sleeping, makeup application, shaving, and so forth), to keeping them clean, to remembering where you last left them, they’re just one other thing that you can’t afford to entirely forget about. And while contact lenses may not pose all of the same problems, even disposable lenses (which eliminate the cleaning and storage steps normally associated with contact lens wear) can prove to be uncomfortable, especially in arid climates, windy conditions, and for those with aging or dry eyes. With LASIK, you completely eliminate the inconvenience and discomfort of both glasses and contact lenses, leaving you with 24/7, crystal clear, no-worry, no-hassle vision. 
  5. Cost effectiveness. The cost of wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses quickly adds up, especially if you consider the long term expense of decades worth of optometrist visits, lens prescription adjustments, and routine eyewear replacement. Compared to a one-time investment in a LASIK procedure, the cost of ongoing eyecare and replacement eyewear is significantly greater. With OCLI’s accessible financing options, we help patients overcome the barriers to treatment access and make LASIK within the affordable reach of almost everyone.

There are so many reasons to lose the glasses and contact lenses for good and give yourself the gift of state-of-the-art, precision vision correction this holiday season. Reach out to us today and together we’ll take the steps to help you see your future more clearly than ever before.

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