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Why Choose LASIK Over Traditional Corrective Eyewear?

April 15, 2011

Have you ever wondered what advantages laser eye surgery such as LASIK has over traditional corrective eyewear such as glasses and contact lenses? Are you considering having laser eye surgery but would like to know how things will be better? Below we look into the major advantages that LASIK eye surgery has over eyeglasses. You will soon see the advantages are quite impressive.

Glasses inhibit peripheral vision – When wearing prescription eyewear it only benefits your primary vision and hinders your ability to view objects correctly in your peripheral vision. LASIK eye surgery improves all of your vision, not just the primary field of vision that glasses cater to. You will never have to miss a thing again.

LASIK precisely improves vision – Corrective eyewear isn’t the most precise of fixes for your vision, you are provided lenses based on the category of your vision. LASIK provides custom mapping of the exact contours of your eyes and applies a custom surgery that improves your vision that is perfectly suited for your eyesight.

LASIK can help address aberrations – Even if you suffer from lower or higher order aberrations of the eye it is possible due to the advances in LASIK techniques to fix your eyes.

LASIK is perfect for those with moderate vision problems – If you have moderate vision problems and have reached the end of your rope with misplacing or losing your glasses or eyewear then you may find LASIK is the ideal solution for giving you the eyesight you want. Never again will you have to worry about misplacing your glasses if you opt for LASIK.

LASIK will save you money in the long run – If you have to constantly buy new glasses and contacts because you lose, break or misplace them then LASIK will be cheaper in the long run. Imagine the cost of a lifetime worth of fashionable glasses and eye tests compared to low cost of LASIK.

However the main benefit that LASIK provides over contacts or corrective eyewear is that it frees your from your dependency on your prescriptive eye wear. You won’t have to go to the optician anymore, nor will you ever worry about breaking or losing your glasses again. You will be able to get up in the mornings and actually see what time it is on the alarm clock! For an easier life where you are not bound by your eyewear to do even the most basic of daily tasks then consider LASIK eye surgery.

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