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We Know New Jersey Cares: 973Cares.com helps Japanese survivors

May 26, 2011

The news cycle is focused on flooding, Israeli borders and a thousand other issues and events. While media focus isn’t there, thousands of people in Japan remain displaced, thanks to earthquakes, a tsunami and, perhaps, the worst nuclear disaster in the last 50 years.

That’s why we’ve put up a challenge to our business community, clients and anyone who thinks they can do something to help citizens in Japan.

Imagine if the same had happened to you. An earthquake shatters the very foundation of your home; the structure crashes to the ground, swallowed like a frog with a fly. Everything you had is gone.

Or you’re on the coast and a wave the height of a skyscraper crashes toward you and your children within seconds. The rush pounds you through streets and buildings. Your children are gone. You have barely survived. And you spouse is miles away in the high territories, wondering, hoping and praying his family is safe.

This is just part of the scenario. And we need to help. We’re asking individuals, businesses and consumers to do whatever they can to help the Japanese. And we’ve made it easy, plus have decided to give a little to donors as well.

First, let’s start with Americares.org. They are set up for survivors. They know the game, the tricks, the channels and the necessary pathways to get food, clothes and other necessities where they belong. Americares is a nonprofit international disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization. Make your donation online. It’s that simple. Just visit www.americares.org.

Dr. Cary Silverman, OCLI founder and medical director issues this call: “We need every local corporate executive to make a financial gift to the Japanese people, and to ask their employees to contribute. I’m also inviting our patients to donate $50; when they do, we’ve decided to discount LASIK services–$500 off the top.

Dr. Silverman is taking it one step further. Any company or their employee—or private citizens of East Hanover donates $50 or more, that person, if desired, will be recognized for their support at https://www.973Cares.com. Companies can list their company names, add their logo, include appropriate contacts and include a brief company description (150 words or less).

What’s most important? Your donation. And the citizens of Japan.

Please donate now at https://www.americares.org.

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