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Vision Harvest Free Cataract Surgery Press Release

August 9, 2010

Free Cataract Surgery – Press Release

Free Cataract Surgery

Since August is Cataract Awareness Month, we decided to get an early start to this year’s Vision Harvest initiative.  Here is a copy of our press release:



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Local Area Eye Surgeons Will Be Giving Back Again This Fall

    Free Cataract Surgery Offered For Those
Patients Who Are Uninsured And In Need Of Treatment

Elmwood Park, NJ, August 2, 2010– Doctors at the River Drive Surgery and Laser Center
of Elmwood Park, New Jersey, will again offer FREE cataract surgery this year for
those without health insurance during Vision Harvest 2010. During last year’s
event, the vision of 20 patients was dramatically improved thanks to the
program. On October 22, 2010, select physicians at the center will be
performing cataract surgery procedures for those that are uninsured and can’t
afford to pay.  According to the 2009
Gallup-Healthways Well-Bring Index, about one in six American adults are
without health insurance
. “While a large majority of Americans have health
insurance coverage, roughly 16% are still uninsured. My colleagues and I all
agree no one should go without needed cataract surgery due to finances,” said
East Hanover ophthalmologist, Cary M. Silverman, M.D. who organized the event.
“We want to make sure that any vision impaired person in New Jersey without
insurance or financial resources learns about this remarkable program.”


Over the next few weeks,
participating eye physicians will be evaluating prospective cataract patients
and scheduling them for their free procedure.  Eligible patients will have all eye examinations, testing,
medications, and surgery provided to them free of charge.


ophthalmologists in this year’s Vision Harvest program include:


·       Philip Eichler, M.D.-
Eye Institute of Essex, Belleville/ Verona, NJ

·       Michael Farbowitz, M.D.-
Short Hills Ophthalmology, Short Hills, NJ

·       Kenneth Miller, M.D.-
Miller Ophthalmology Associates, LLC, West Orange, NJ

·       Scott Pomerantz, M.D.-
Metropolitan Eye Care, Paramus, NJ

·       Cary M Silverman, M.D.-
OCLI, East Hanover, NJ

For more information,
interested patients should call 973-200-8250 to set up a free evaluation to
determine their candidacy.


Cataracts are a progressive condition
that cause the eye’s lens to become cloudy, and eventually opaque leading to a
progressive dimming of your vision. The exact cause of cataracts is unclear,
but they occur in everyone as they age. Cataracts may be the result of a
lifetime of exposure to ultraviolet rays, and other factors such as cigarette
smoking, diet, and alcohol consumption. Cataracts can also occur at any age as
a result of other causes such as eye injury, exposure to toxic substances or
radiation, certain medications or as a result of other diseases such as


About River Drive: Located in
Elmwood Park, New Jersey, River Drive Surgery and Laser Center was
created as an ophthalmic
ambulatory surgery facility dedicated to providing patients with excellence in
eye care in a warm and caring environment.
center is designed as a facility which is planned and administered to render a
safe, comfortable, effective environment for patients and personnel, and to
give assistance to the medical staff in meeting certain restorative health
needs of patients without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, or
national origin.



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