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Top Questions I Want You to Ask About LASIK Procedures (Part Two)

July 9, 2021

Author: Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD

Asking questions is a great way to get the information you need. Sometimes, patients find it difficult to organize their thoughts, which is why we came up with this two-part series addressing questions we think you should ask us – or any LASIK surgeon for that matter. 

How much experience do you have with refractive surgery? 

At OCLI Vision, Dr. Donnenfeld is a board-certified ophthalmologist and among the most experienced LASIK surgeons in the country, having performed more than 100,000 LASIK eye surgery procedures. Dr. Donnenfeld was one of the first people in the world to perform a LASIK eye surgery procedure as  part of the original FDA investigators. No matter what, you should feel  comfortable with and confident in the level of skill and experience of your LASIK surgeon. We consider this essential to a successful outcome.

What are the common complications of refractive surgery and can they be treated? 

Let’s be clear, sight-threatening complications from LASIK procedures are extremely rare – the clinical data on this type of incidence is less than 1 percent. However, there are anticipated side effects of vision correction treatment that typically occur during the recovery and healing process, including dry eye and night vision symptoms. These side effects generally resolve with proper healing over time, but some may require additional treatment, such as medications or a secondary procedure.

Who will be caring for me following my procedure? 

This is a good question. Some practices work with optometrists to follow up with patients after their LASIK procedures, while in other practices the surgeon attends to the follow up visits personally. Both approaches are designed to ensure your recovery and healing are on track, but you should be comfortable with how your follow up care is performed.

What am I forgetting? 

The most common thing patients forget to provide is a complete and accurate medical history.  During your LASIK consultation, make sure your surgeon knows about any previous surgeries you have had. What specialists are you seeing and for what issues or conditions? Are you taking any prescription medication? What vitamins or over-the-counter medications do you use on a regular basis? You never know what may be relevant, but as your surgeon, there is nothing about your health and well-being that is considered insignificant – so please share everything during your LASIK consultation!

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