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Top 10 Reasons Why Dads Should Get LASIK

May 18, 2016

Busy dads have active days. There are diapers to change, kids to feed, dishes to wash, and endless games of tag and flag football. Are you ready to streamline your day? Here are the top ten ways LASIK can help dads out.

1. Playing catch

It doesn’t go so well when you can’t see the ball. It’s hard to teach your daughter how to hit if you can’t see that either. If you are tired of fumbling for the pass, it’s time to get LASIK.

2. Mowing the grass again?

There’s a reason why your yard is on the “best dressed” list. You are always out there mowing the yard, killing weeds, or sprucing up the flower beds. Too bad your allergies don’t enjoy it as much as you do. Contacts make your eyes feel even worse – all that rubbing and the irritation that goes with it! Get relief, instantly; LASIK surgery will keep you from ever having to wear contacts during allergy season again.

3. How many times will you misplace that one pair of glasses?

It’s getting to be something of a family joke. Have one less thing to keep track of by undergoing LASIK surgery. You get in, you get out, and can instantly see more clearly—all within half an hour.

4. Ski trip with the family

Skiing is fun, wearing goggles over a pair of glasses isn’t. When winter hits in New Jersey, make it easy to keep up with the family. After LASIK, you may even be able to leave the bunny slope and move on to more challenging courses.

5. Kids love to wrestle with their dad

Do they ever outgrow it? We don’t think so. After getting your glasses knocked off of your face so many times, don’t you think it’s time to try something else? You can get rid of the glasses and still see your little opponents.

6. Dad to the rescue!

When a kid cries in the night, and needs their knight in shining daddy armor to come in and save the day, you don’t want to have to stop to put in contacts! Your child needs you. With LASIK, you can see as soon as you open your eyes; no more searching for glasses or fussing with contacts in the middle of the night again.

7. Watching action flicks together

You love watching 3D films with the family. Too bad dad keeps missing all the best parts trying to keep his 3D glasses situated “just right” over his everyday glasses to actually see the movie.

8. Heading out on a business trip again?

Did you remember your glasses? What about the spare pair, because you keep breaking your favorite pair? How about your contacts? What about your contact solution, disinfecting solution, a contact case, and a spare set of contacts? Travel light. Say “goodbye” to contacts and glasses with LASIK and you can pack and unpack lightning fast.

9. Summer vacation getaways

No one looks forward to time on the lake more than dear old dad. Whether you are fishing or playing Frisbee, losing a contact or your glasses in the water is not on the “to do” list. It doesn’t make for an enjoyable getaway either.

10. The latest Halo game won’t play itself

Your kids are begging you to play, but your eyes are so tired—and the contacts aren’t making it any better. They are irritating your eyes even more. Give your eyes the break they need with LASIK.

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