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The Latest In Dry Eye Treatment

July 28, 2017

Across the country, chronic dry eye affects more than 3 million people each year. For many, it’s more than just a simple annoyance. It can become a daily problem that affects their quality of life. Luckily, the treatments available to combat dry eye keep getting better. We should know. At OCLI, we operate a renowned Dry Eye Care Center that incorporates the latest and most effective treatments for dry eye. Take a look at what the newest options are for treating dry eye.

The Center includes the TearLab Osmolarity system, a quantitative, point-of-care diagnostic test that can accurately measure the osmolarity of human tears. Patients suspected of having dry eye disease may undergo this test in order to determine if they have an abnormal osmolarity.

From there you may undergo one of the latest procedures in dry eye treatment—the Mibo Thermoflo therapeutic treatment device. This device has shown 98% effectiveness in relieving the symptoms of dry eye, and the procedure itself is soothing and pain-free. The device gently massages the outside of the eyelids, and simultaneously releases a continuous stream of heat. The controlled heat slowly breaks down hardened oils in the tear glands.

After a while, the tear glands begin to produce thinner, clearer oils, leading to a healthier tear film and relief from dry eye. As we mentioned, patients generally find the experience to be relaxing and welcome a session with the Mibo Thermoflo. The instant relief, along with long-term results, make this one of the most effective and sought-after treatments available for dry eye.

But the Mibo Thermoflo can also help when it comes to a different, but related eye ailment. The explosion in the amount of time we spend staring at screens has let to a massive increase in the number of people suffering from digital eye strain. Well over half of all people who use computers at work may end up falling victim to digital eye strain. They suffer from redness, irritation, headaches, shoulder pain, blurry vision, and dry or burning eyes.

The Mibo Thermoflo treatment offers some much needed relief for those whose jobs require them to stare at a screen for long periods of time during the day.

But the Dry Eye Care Center is more than just the treatments it provides. The Center also focuses on personalized care and individual assessment and treatments, so not only will your digital eye strain be treated, but you’ll also learn what you can do to address the issue at its source and prevent further irritation.

That goes for all cases of dry eye, as well. The Center provides patients with a thorough assessment of the causes of their dry eye, and then works with them to administer a treatment and recovery plan. It may include the treatment we mentioned, but it may also include vitamins, supplements, appropriate medication, or eye drops.

So remember, you don’t have to travel to New York City to see a dry eye specialist anymore. Instead, visit the Dry Eye Care Center and get the relief you need. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.

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