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The Importance of Proper Hearing In Our Senior Years

November 29, 2012

Studies show that eyesight is not the only sense that declines with our age.

The health of our eyes and vision not only play a large role in our day to day functions, but also our general comfortably in daily tasks and behaviors . Our eyes help us to experience and explore the environment around us, as they are one of the most important sensory organs on our entire body. It is for this very reason that when your eyesight begins to decline as you get older, it can be inconvenient and frustrating to yourself and the people around you.

But when it comes to the aging process, our vision is not the only thing that can be affected as the years pass by. Another one of our senses that is perhaps just as important to our everyday lives is our hearing capabilities. As we age, the strength and abilities of our ears tends to decline and we find that our hearing is not quite as sharp as it used to be.

Due to this, many older adults are forced to utilize other means of communicating with friends and family, such as reading lips or increasing the volume of electronic devices, until they are able to get their hearing fixed with hearing aid devices. Unfortunately, asking people to speak up and turning up the volume of electronics are not the only side effects that can come with hearing loss.

Many studies are also beginning to show that older adults that lose their hearing are more likely to develop signs of dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease.

In an article published by the Better Hearing Association, it states that healthy hearing is not only essential for leading a more productive, comfortable life, but it is also critical to the health of our overall cognitive function. In fact, older patients who have experienced significant hearing loss over the years are much more likely to develop senior diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. The article also states that for every 10 decibels of hearing loss, the extra risk of developing Alzheimer’s increases by 20%.

Many studies have also linked untreated hearing loss to a variety of different emotional and physical problems in seniors, such as impaired memory, increased risk to personal safety, depression, stress, negativity and reduced alertness.

Because healthy hearing is such an important part of our senior years and our overall comfort as we age, in addition to strong eyes and healthy vision, we here at OCLI are offering our patients a new beneficial hearing service to ensure that  our patients also have strong ears well into their senior years.

Our practice has employed a Licensed Hearing Care Professional for the convenience of our patients aged 60 and up. Plus, our practice not only carries the highest quality of hearing aid available in the industry today, but we are also able to evaluate our patient’s needs and fit them with the best product that will address their life style and situations.

Be sure to contact our office today to schedule your complimentary hearing service. After all , maintaining health vision and hearing will ensure that you remain happy and healthy well into your golden years.


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