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Should Photographers Get LASIK?

August 31, 2017

Photography is a way of looking at the world and capturing those moments that the photographer deems to be important in some way. Photographers rely on their eyesight to find those moments that they eventually capture for the rest of us. It’s obvious that a good photographer needs good eyesight, or at least needs to be able to correct any vision problems. To do this, many rely on contacts or glasses. But there is another option—LASIK. The question is, should photographers get this elective operation?

The answer is yes, photographers most certainly should get LASIK if they’re found to be good candidates. It can be scary to choose laser eye surgery when you know that your job relies on your vision, but once you learn more about LASIK, those fears will likely disappear.

That’s because LASIK is one of the safest and most effective elective procedures there is, without a lengthy recovery period. 96% of patients who undergo LASIK receive 20/20 vision or better. We can’t imagine a single photographer who would be unhappy with perfect vision–or better.


Your glasses or contacts are an added lens between you and the moment that you’re hoping to capture. LASIK allows you to remove that lens and see clearly, without the hassles that come with glasses or contacts.

Photographers with glasses know the frustration that comes from balancing the need to see clearly through the viewfinder with the need to see clearly through glasses. More expensive cameras allow for a photographer to look through the viewfinder from farther away, but does it make sense to buy a more expensive camera, or to fix the problem for the rest of your life?

We’d argue that it’s probably a better idea to get to the heart of the problem, rather than looking for solutions that only mask what’s going on.

The Convenience

But think about the physical benefits and convenience, as well. Photographers often find themselves in environmental conditions that simply aren’t conducive to wearing corrective lenses. Sand, dust, and other environmental debris can easily end up irritating eyes with contact lenses.

Photographers often carry plenty of gear around with them, in order to be able to adapt to different conditions. LASIK just removes some of the clutter that you have to bring along with you. Glasses and their case, contacts and their cases—those are a thing of the past with LASIK.

It boils down to the fact that photographers rely on their eyesight to perform. LASIK improves that eyesight, and does away with the hassle and annoyance of glasses or contacts. The short-term changes in your vision can be shocking–many people are aghast that they didn’t choose LASIK earlier. But you’ll also enjoy those benefits every day for the rest of your life.

So don’t wait any longer with troublesome corrective lenses. If you have less than perfect vision, then give us a call. We’ll set up a consultation where we decide on your best option for laser eye surgery.

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