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Romantic Spots to Take Your Special Someone on Valentine’s Day in New Jersey

February 11, 2016

The new year has only just begun, but the pressure of Valentine’s Day is already sneaking up on us. Dr. Silverman’s done the brainstorming for you and compiled a short and sweet list of some of the best spots you can spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one in New Jersey.

Wine and Chocolate Weekend

What’s better than a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day? Pairing it with some wine, of course! Head over to Alba Vineyard and Winery for an exclusive Valentine’s weekend event where you can try all the chocolates, cheeses, treats, and wines while enjoying the romantic atmosphere of the vineyard.

Or, for something more low-key, go to Bellview Winery for the same treats, but with an acoustic guitar player and a cozy outdoor firepit. Since this experience is a particularly sensory, don’t just let your nose and taste buds have all the fun while you struggle to read wine labels or get lost in the wine cellars. Check out the different services OCLI offers to help you get the perfect vision for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s in a Castle

Treat your significant other like the prince or princess they were meant to be by attending the Valentine’s Day masked ball at Lambert Castle. Experience a magical evening of wine and dancing while imagining yourselves as royalty. It’s always better, of course, to dress the part and see it with your own eyes. This is not the time nor place to deal with eye problems like dry eyes, so make sure to visit the Dry Eye Care Center to resolve any issues before the most romantic night of the year.

Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

If you suffer from poor eyesight issues such as low vision, don’t let it force you to miss this activity. Howell Farm offers free, horse-drawn wagon rides for families, and carriage rides for couples, for the Saturday of Valentine’s weekend. An outdoor fire, hot chocolate, and snacks are available at the farm to encourage even more love for this daytime event. Sound like something that you’d want to remember with crystal clear imagery? We think so, too.

Climb a Lighthouse

While at first glance this activity may not sound particularly romantic, this lighthouse event is uniquely designed for married couples. With a champagne toast to their marriage, couples enjoy the early evening with some dancing, exploring, and a renewal of their vows. That’s right. You get to renew your marriage vows in a lighthouse. How beautiful is that? It isn’t so beautiful when you’re having problems with your contacts, though. If you’re on the fence about seeking treatment, check out these personal testimonials of patients whose lives changed for the better thanks to OCLI.

Don’t let the stress of planning Valentine’s Day get in the way of your chance to obtain treatment for your eyes. Here at OCLI, we pride ourselves on patient satisfaction and success, and strive to give you eyesight that lets you experience life to its fullest. Contact us today to learn more.

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