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Prevent An Eye Injury: How to Open that Champagne Safely on New Year’s Eve

December 29, 2009

There is no doubt that improper handling of a champagne bottle can lead to serious eye injuries, and lead to an awful start to the new year.  Last year I posted the following clip on YouTube.  It explains how to safely open a champagne bottle.  SInce the posting I have received several comments on the proper way to open a bottle.  One comment suggested never leaving the un-caged cork unprotected.  I agree, pressure should be placed on the cork as soon as the cage is removed!

While we are on the subject of champagne, @GaryVee of the Wine Library just came out with his top 10 champagne selections:

  1. Legras Brut Champagne Presidence Vv 2002

  2. Legras St Vincent 2000

  3. Legras St Vincent 1990

  4. Jose Michel Special Club Brut 2002

  5. Pierre Peters Brut 2003

  6. Jacquart Allegra 1999

  7. Legras St Vincent 1996

  8. Conde De Subirats Brut Nv 

  9. Andre Clouet Brut Grand Reserve 

  10. Dumont Brut 

All of us at OCLI wish all of you a Happy, Healthy, Safe, and Propsperous New Year.  We look forward to keeping you all informed on eye care topics in 2010!

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