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Please Help The Puppy Mill Pups

September 11, 2009

We received this letter today from our friends at the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter. If you are looking to care for or adopt a dog or would like to donate to the many animals who reside in shelters, please read below.

Hello Mt. Pleasant Friends:

It’s been a busy week at Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter!  Over two hundred cast-off puppy mill dogs from multiple states are now safe in the local shelters. Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter is now caring for puppy mill dogs from across the country.  Pup My Ride Rescue – a part of Best Friends’ Puppies Aren’t Products campaign – brought 150 dogs to North Shore Animal League in Long Island. In addition, St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, working with National Mill Dog Rescue, arranged for the release and transport of another 120 neglected dogs that arrived on Monday.  Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter partnered with both rescue efforts to give twelve of the most needy a second chance at a new life.

Among Mt. Pleasant’s rescued dogs are highly sought after breeds such as the Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie), Poodles, Daschunds, Labradors, and Malteses – all adults that were used for breeding. Currently, hundreds of thousands of dogs are trapped in puppy mills. These large commercial breeding operations supply most pet stores across the United States and contribute heavily to the pet overpopulation problem. After a life filled with suffering and neglect, puppy mill dogs that no longer reproduce are considered by large commercial breeders as “used up” or unsalable and are typically killed or sold at mill dog auctions for as little as 25 cents. Instead, these dogs will find love, care, and attention at Mt. Pleasant while they wait patiently for their new family. These dogs are the lucky ones.

Rosie, a three year old Maltese is one of the twelve dogs who recently found her safe haven at Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter in East Hanover, NJ.  Healthy in comparison to some, Rosie needs extensive dental work after years of suffering in the horrendous conditions at the puppy mill.

Lulu is a Poodle who has endured years of neglect in a Missouri puppy mill.  She suffered a broken leg years ago when her leg was caught in the small wire cage that she called home for over 6 years.  The owners of this mill thought it would eventually heal – and since it did not interfere with her breeding, they did not seek any medical care.  Years later, the leg dangles AND her pain is great.  We are keeping her as comfortable as possible.  As you can see, (photo attached) her leg is at a 90 degree angle…backwards. She will need an amputation to relieve her suffering.  Aside from all of this, she is in great need of dental care with extractions — an affliction caused by drinking from water bottles common in commercial facilities — a typical problem that arise as a result of living out their lives as breeding dogs. Please DONATE today and help LuLu heal from her years of neglect.  Once she is healed she will find a new home through Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter.

Mt. Pleasant’s new arrivals are now in the medical evaluation process.  Mt. Pleasant’s vets estimate over $10,000 in immediate veterinary care in order for these dogs to become healthy and adoptable. Many of the dogs suffer from deteriorated jaws and rotten teeth — afflictions caused by drinking from water bottles common in commercial facilities —typical problems that arise as a result of living out their lives as breeding dogs. Other physical ailments include splayed feet and damaged foot pads from living day in and day out on wire-bottomed cages, badly matted and filthy coats, congenital defects such as heart murmurs, extra teeth and dry eye.  

 “Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter was honored to be asked to be a part of this rescue effort.  These dogs have all lived in deplorable conditions.  I am so thankful we have the opportunity to provide them with a new life.  Despite their horrific past these dogs still crave human companionship.  They are companion animals by nature and just want affection from all.  However, they will need a significant amount of veterinary care, socialization, and patience before they will be ready for adoption.” says Nicole Lewy Drummond, Executive Director of Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter.  “We are asking the public to help offset our veterinary expenses by donating to our ‘Road to Happiness Program’ as it will cost the shelter thousands of dollars in order to provide the care they so desperately need.”

Mt. Pleasant staff and volunteers will be spending much time with these dogs in order to prepare them to be a part of new families.  The dogs will be available for adoption after they are socialized, spayed or neutered, and deemed healthy by a veterinarian. 

Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter is open six days per week, with two extended evening hours. The hours are as follows:

Tuesday & Thursday: 12-7

Weds & Friday: 12-4

Saturday & Sunday: 12-5

Closed Mondays

Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter is a private, limited admission shelter.  No animal is ever euthanized for lack of space and all adoptable animals reside at the shelter until they find their new home.  To mail a donation to help the puppy mill dogs please send to:


Attn: Help Puppy Mill Dogs!

194 Route 10 West

East Hanover, NJ 07936

Or donate online at www.njshelter.org.

For more information, please call 973-386-0590 or visit www.njshelter.org

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