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Patients Blogging About Their LASIK Experiences

April 12, 2010

Patient Reviews & Their LASIK Experiences

When people are contemplating getting LASIK surgery, they often have many questions about the LASIK experience.  Word of mouth certainly accounts for most of our LASIK referrals here at OCLIWe often post our patients experiences through the video testimonial category of this blog and on our YouTube page.  There are also web sites out there where people talk about LASIK experiences. (Although the LASIK testimonial Blog follows my twitter feed, I have no affiliation with it.)

Howard Yermish is an online marketing strategist.  I have used him to help get two of my sites , LASIK the Refs and LASIK for the Gold, up and running.  After working with me for the past year, Howard decided he too could benefit from LASIK surgery.  He decided to blog about his own LASIK experience.

“My vision is something that has been a problem my entire life, ever since I was little kid, I think since I’ve been 4 years old, I’ve been wearing glasses or contacts, fighting with these things, and I just wanted to document these last couple of days because I kind of feel like, you know, when this is all said and done and I’ve recovered, I’ll be waking up in the morning not reaching for glasses or fighting with contacts, putting drops in or sticking things in my eyes all the time; I just want to remember how frustrating it was. My hope is that this is really a profound change with how I do things.”

Howard isn’t the only patient that has documented their LASIK journey, here are what some of my other patients have said about their LASIK experience:

  • USA Kayak’s Scott Mann: “I spent 15 years paddling with contacts in and I was always dealing with splashes to the eye and the contacts moving. Now I have no issues because I have no contacts, I can see crystal clear right down to the finest detail in the water, it’s amazing.”
  • USA Fencer Daria Schneider: “The first week I kept comparing my vision to other people I would be like, “Can you see that? Can you see that? How far can you see? Are you able to see that far?” People were getting really annoyed with me but I was excited I could see far away!”
  • Tim Smith: “The procedure was actually less uncomfortable than I thought it would be and easier than I thought it was going to be; it was over faster than I thought it would be…I had prepared to stay home from work the next day and didn’t think I would be able to go; I would be uncomfortable, in pain, have scratchy, itchy eyes, I was ready for all sorts of nastiness. I woke up the next morning, I took off the googles, and I felt so good I thought, “The hell with it, I’m going to work.” My eyes aren’t itchy, they don’t feel gritty, I actually went to the gym, spent the whole day at work, went home, watched some TV, and put the googles back on again.”
  • Vinnie: “I just love it; I had it done several months ago and instantly it was just like a miracle, the clarity is unbelievable…It’s like getting a new set of eyes; wearing glasses all my life, contacts, nothing compares to having the LASIK surgery, it’s just fantastic. It’s like someone installing binoculars in your head, it’s just unbelievable.”

Here is a video from his Howard discussing why he decided to have LASIK.

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