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OCLI Ophthalmologist First in Nassau County to Implant Vivity, Innovative Presbyopia-Correcting Intraocular Lens

December 2, 2020

New intraocular lens uses pioneering X-WAVE technology to create extended range of vision for cataract patients

NEW YORK, N.Y.—December 2, 2020—OCLI, a world-renowned, multi-practice ophthalmology group in Long Island, today announced that Chasidy Singleton, MD, board-certified ophthalmologist and laser cataract surgeon, has the distinction of being the first doctor in Nassau County Long Island to perform cataract surgery to implant Vivity, the first-of-its-kind intraocular lens (IOL).

Dr. Singleton, a board-certified comprehensive ophthalmologist and laser cataract surgeon at OCLI’s Patchogue office, performed the groundbreaking surgery on November 5. “I’m honored to be the first cataract surgeon in Nassau County to implant the Vivity IOL,” says Dr. Singleton. “The patient is doing very well, with excellent distance and intermediate vision. The lens has shown remarkable clinical results and I look forward to helping more patients enjoy improved and extended ranges of vision.”

Alcon, the leading manufacturer of intraocular lenses, received FDA approval for Vivity in early 2020 and began launching it with select U.S. ophthalmologists. Known for embracing state-of-the-art vision technologies, OCLI is excited to be one of the first practices in the country to offer this revolutionary IOL. An important addition to Alcon’s family of lenses, Vivity is quickly adapted by patients and provides multifocality without some of the less desirable effects associated with diffractive technology.

Unlike IOLs that create two separate focal points, one for distance and one for near vision, Vivity’s proprietary non-diffractive technology uses two smooth transition elements on the surface of the lens that work together to create an extended depth of focus and continuous range of vision, including distance, intermediate, and near. Recent clinical trials found that 92 percent of patients with this new lens reported good or very good intermediate vision without glasses, and 94 percent stated that their distance vision was good or very good. Moreover, patients reported low levels of halos, glare, and starbursts.

OCLI’s growth is supported by the management and administrative services of Spectrum Vision Partners (SVP), an organization that serves many of the top ophthalmology groups and ambulatory eye surgery centers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

“With some of the region’s most respected and talented physicians in its group, OCLI is widely known for its clinical excellence and trailblazing ocular treatments,” states Tom Burke, CEO of Spectrum Vision Partners. “OCLI’s doctors performed the first laser cataract surgery in New York, so it’s no surprise that they’re once again leading the way in transformative eye care.”

For more information about OCLI and Spectrum Vision Partners, please contact:

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Chief Development Officer

About OCLI
Founded in 1997, OCLI (https://www.ocli.net) is one of the leading ophthalmology practices in the United States. With 20 state-of-the-art clinics in New York, it offers the most advanced technology available, providing patients with a wide range of ophthalmic services and treatments. OCLI is led by a large group of highly skilled ophthalmologists in each major sub-specialty of eye care, who provide comprehensive eye care services, including treatment for cataracts, corneal disease, glaucoma, retinal disease, oculoplastics, refractive surgery, and neuro-ophthalmology.

About Spectrum Vision Partners
Spectrum Vision Partners (https://www.spectrumvisionpartners.com) is a leading management services organization, serving the ophthalmology sector. With nearly 800 employees providing world-class practice management and administrative solutions to a network of nationally renowned, multi-specialty ophthalmologists in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, Spectrum Vision Partners (SVP) supports 27 clinic locations, three state-licensed ambulatory centers, and over 70 surgeons, doctors and other medical professionals. Spectrum provides a comprehensive set of business support functions, including billing and collections, credential services, marketing, physician recruitment, ASC development, financial and accounting services, benefits and payroll management and information technology. The company’s corporate service center is located at 825 East Gate Boulevard, Suite 111, Garden City, NY 11530.

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