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OCLI Answers Your Eye Questions – I was diagnosed with Cataracts

April 18, 2017

OCLI is experienced in answering any questions our patients or potential patients may have. Whether you’re curious about preventative eye health, treatment options, or have specific concerns about a procedure, we’re more than happy to help.

Below, we address a question about cataract diagnosis.

Q: I have been diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes. I lead an active lifestyle, I don’t want the hassle of reading glasses and bifocals, so I know a premium lens implant (IOL) is the best option for me. Which lens would be the best?

A: There are several premium lens options that are exceptional. Some lenses are more suited for patients that drive more at nighttime, and other lenses might be a better fit for those who spend more time reading or working on the computer. When you come see your OCLI ophthalmologist for your initial cataract exam, he or she will ask a series of lifestyle questions about your career, hobbies, daily activities, etc. These will help your doctor determine which premium lens implant might benefit you the best. In addition, your eye doctor will perform a series of tests to ensure you would be a good candidate for a premium lens.

One lens in particular that was just recently approved by the FDA is the Tecnis Symfony Lens by AMO. The Symfony lens is the first and only extended range of vision IOL to correct presbyopia and improve vision in people with cataracts, as well as correcting far, intermediate, and near vision, with the decreased need for glasses, while providing excellent night vision. The Symfony Lens is a multifocal design, which can allow patients to do most things, most of the time without reading glasses or bifocals. Some patients will still need readers to see fine print, such as on the back of a medicine bottle, or in dimly lit conditions.

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