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New Online Patient Resource for Cataract Patients Announced

November 10, 2008

Alcon is the world wide manufacturing leader of ophthalmic equipment, pharmaceuticals, and devices.  Alcon makes everything from the equipment I use in cataract surgery, the IOLs I implant during cataract surgery including the Restor and Toric lenses, the Wavelight laser I use for LASIK surgery, to the drops I prescribe for anything from allergic conjunctivitis to glaucoma to infections.

Alcon announced the sponsorship of a new web site, CataractSurgery.com.  According to their press release:  “The Alcon-sponsored educational website provides information on cataracts, cataract surgery and IntraOcular Lens options. In addition, CataractSurgery.com includes details on preparing for an eye exam and features videos, cataract illustrations, patient testimonials and a cataract resource library.”


CataractSurgery.com is an excellent resource for patients faced with the diagnosis of cataracts and need of treatment options!  I urge these patients to take advantage of this free on-line resource.

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