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New Jersey Christmas Festivities You Can Only Experience With Perfect Vision (And How Lasik Can Help!)

December 21, 2015

Christmas, Christmas time is near!”

Although it has been an unusually warm and snowless winter, that’s not stopping anyone from celebrating the long-awaited Christmas events, especially in New Jersey. No Christmas is complete without stunning light shows, fun holiday rides, and spectacular winter theater. Unfortunately, the same goes for your glasses inevitably fogging up, or your contacts drying out (or worse, having your glasses or contacts fall off, get lost forever, and ruin your magical evening). Christmas time is the gift that keeps on giving, so let OCLI give you the best gift of all: LASIK surgery, so that you can have clear vision to enjoy all the festivities this holiday has to offer.

Christmas Light Shows

Nothing is worse than going to a light show when your vision resembles a photographer’s technical equivalent of bokeh. With LASIK eye surgery, you can enjoy the full extent of these marvelous displays of holiday spirit. From an intimate and fun light show at the Cranbury Christmas Lights, to a hauntingly beautiful show on a lake, and even a mile-long light course at Skylands Stadium, you have your pick of any and all light events when you have 20/20 vision.

Christmas Train Rides

If you want to experience something more interactive, all train rides to the North Pole are unfortunately sold out. However, you can still take a holiday train with Santa at the New Jersey Museum of Transportation, or take a historic trolley ride through the winter village of Cape May. If you struggle with nearsightedness or farsightedness, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your chance to meet Santa in person, or only enjoy half of the views from the ride. Get in touch with the doctors at OCLI, and see for yourself if Santa is real.

Christmas Theater

What’s Christmas without The Nutcracker? State Theatre is putting on its annual production of the famous ballet production to commemorate the holidays. For those who prefer alternative theater, the same company is also showing A Very Electric Christmas, featuring some of the same Nutcracker characters, only they’re glowing in the dark. Now, imagine trying to watch that with your eyesight. That would be pretty surreal, to say the least!

Let us give you a chance to experience these Christmas events like never before. Contact us here at OCLI to discuss options on how to get perfect vision through LASIK. We’re looking forward to bringing you a little bit of Christmas magic!

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