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Paul Stewart 1st to Get Free LASIK Thru “LASIK the Refs!” Offer

March 12, 2009


Back in September, Ed Hochuli blew a call that cost the San Diego Chargers the game.  At the time, I offered Hochuli a chance to make his job easier, free LASIK surgery.  He has yet to accept the offer! 

In October, I lamented about the rash of bad calls plaguing the World Series.  At this point I extended my free LASIK offer to any official or referee in any Major Professional sport.  Again, I had no takers… 

There have been many other bad calls made by the refs over th past few months, some I have written about, others I have ignored…  After each bad call I have reasserted my offer for free LASIK on any professional official.  Again I have had no takers, until today!!

Paul Stewart contacted us several months ago about our "LASIK the Refs!" program.  He was very interested in having LASIK and decided to take us up on our offer.  One of the most successful and respected individuals in hockey, Paul Stewart has done it all.  Player, Referee, and now Coach as he is the ECAC Director of Officiating.  Paul Stewart may be the only person to ever make it on the Ice in the NHL twice.

Well, Paul made it down to New Jersey today to have his LASIK!  All went well, and he is now sleeping it off.  He is due back in the office tomorrow for his post op check, I will keep you all abreast of how he is doing, along with some video testimonials from him.

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