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Music To Her Eyes! Dr. Silverman First in NJ to Implant New Lens

October 6, 2016

When Bonnie Meyers-Eisenberg decided it was time for cataract surgery, she didn’t know at the time that she’d be making history.

But just a few weeks ago, our own Dr. Silverman became the first ophthalmologist in New Jersey to implant the Symfony and Symfony Toric intraocular lens (IOL) – and Meyers-Eisenberg became the first cataract surgery patient in NJ to have the opportunity to experience the new IOL for herself. The lens offers patients the possibility of a full range of continuous vision following cataract surgery.

It will likely be months before the new lens is available nationwide, but patients looking for more depth of vision can find it right here at OCLI.

The Symfony IOL is used in cataract surgeries. Cataracts are a clouding of the eye’s natural lens. They form over time, typically with age.

If a patient with cataracts undergoes surgery, the clouded lens is broken up and removed before being replaced with an IOL such as the Tecnis Symfony.

In the past, these IOLs were monofocal and could only be used to improve distance vision. The new Tecnis Symfony, which was approved by the FDA over the summer, also allows for the improvement of vision at various distances.

The new lens is therefore capable of reducing the need for glasses or corrective lenses following cataract surgery. Studies also showed a reduction in the amount of glare and severe halos patients experienced following the implantation of the Symfony IOL.

Only 2.8 percent of patients reported severe halos with the Symfony IOL. Some traditional IOL lenses see as much as 20 percent of patients experiencing severe halos following surgery.

Symfony IOL users also reported an easier time focusing their vision. Studies showed they were able to move from day to night more seamlessly than those with traditional IOLs.

In addition to the IOL used for cataract surgery, Toric models of the lens like the one first successfully used by Dr. Silverman in late August are used to help correct imperfections in the curvature of the eye as well as refractive astigmatism.

Both the Symfony IOL and the Symfony Toric can help significantly improve the lives of patients who choose them over more traditional lenses.

If you believe you might be a candidate for corrective surgery with the Symfony lens, schedule a consultation with us today by calling 973-664-7794.


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