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Lose the Bifocals: Longest Drive Champion Art Sellinger’s Story

December 15, 2011

Art Sellinger is a two time Champion Longest Drive winner and a PGA professional out of Dallas, Texas. He is the author of “Drive My Way”. A friend gave him my name and he called me several months ago. Art hated wearing glasses to see up close and for distance, and he wanted to know about LASIK. I told him that LASIK was probably not his answer. He eventually hopped on a plane to NJ and after examining him, I explained that the answer was Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) with the implantation of a multifocal IOL.

Now, Refractive Lens Exchange has many names.  Also known as lens replacement surgery or clear lens extraction, the operation is simply to help correct poor vision for people who are not able to undergo LASIK surgery.  The procedure is most commonly used with people ages 40 and above, who have found that they are extremely dependent on using their reading glasses or bifocals for everyday activities.  Nobody wants to be dependent on glasses, and RLE helps to solve this issue!  With the femtosecond laser, Dr. Cary M. Silverman is able to do this procedure without using blades, which both ourselves and our patients are thankful for!

And what’s the femtosecond laser?  We’re glad you asked!  Newly cleared by the FDA, the Catalys® laser is a medical device that eye surgeons use to provide the best eyecare possible, with the highest accuracy.  It was created in Silicon Valley by Optimedica Corp (Thank you Optimedica Corp!) and it features a state of the art laser plus advanced 3D imaging, among multiple other new characteristics.  Needless to say, we are extremely excited about this and you should be too!

With a one of a kind femtosecond laser in the Catalys, eye surgeons are able to use advanced versions of OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) to provide incredible and precise eye care for their patients.  However, Dr Silverman and his team add a little something to the procedure, giving you as the patient a customized and gentle operation.

The procedure is really fairly simple.  By replacing your eye’s natural clear lens with an artificial intraocular lens, we can reduce your refractive errors and your ability to see increases!  However, there is not one size that fits all for these intraocular lens, so Dr. Cary M. Silverman takes a look at your eyes to determine what type of lens you might need.  These intraocular lenses can be multifocals IOLs, Monofocal fixed focus Toric IOLs, or Accommodating IOLs, each with their own area of expertise in vision acuity.  You can learn more about the different types of IOLs and the benefits of RLE surgery here.

Art wanted nothing more than to Lose the Bifocals!  Now, he is able to read, dive a car, and drive a golf ball over 300 yards… and see it!  If only he could find out what to do with his “45 pairs of reading glasses!”

Here is his story:

Art Sellinger called us here at EyeCare2020 wondering about LASIK eye surgery.  When we determined that that surgery wasn’t for him, it wasn’t too long after that that he came to New Jersey to schedule an appointment with us and we determined that he needed RLE surgery instead.  Now, Art Sellinger is as happy and satisfied as can be.  Our goal is to help many more people than just Art Sellinger so give us a call today!

If you also happen to be experiencing the same kind of discomfort that you see in this video, or if you know of a family member that might have a situation similar to Art Sellinger’s, then please contact us today.  It only takes a minute for Dr Cary M. Silverman to determine whether this procedure is right for you, and the procedure itself can save you years of turmoil with your vision and visual acuity.  We want to help, so do not put up with your dependency on your bifocals, reading glasses, or even your contacts.  Rather, come see us today and in no time, your vision will be close to 20/20 once again!

Also, be sure to check out our blog for all the other awesome testimonials we have from people wondering about LASIK eye surgery.  We also have topics on LASIK ranging from whether or not cataract formation can happen after the LASIK procedure to the main reasons why millennials specifically should invest in LASIK surgery.  That’s right, our blog is chock full of information, so be sure to check it out today!

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